10 Easy Ways to Lose 5 Pounds

lose 5 pounds

I’m going to share 10 easy ways to lose 5 pounds because let’s face it. Five pounds (or half a stone) can make the difference between your jeans being uncomfortably tight around the middle or being able to breathe!

Don’t know about you, but up to …oh about 2-3 years ago, I didn’t have a problem managing my middle. In fact most of my life, I was able to drop 5-10 pounds without even trying too hard. My weight didn’t fluctuate much but if I hopped on the scale (usually after being forced to in the doctors office) I could consciously cut out bread and carbs and get back to my ideal weight.

Not so much anymore. Ugh.

Doesn’t seem to matter what I do or what I deprive myself of, the weight just hangs around. My middle. For you it could be your butt, your thighs, your chin. Wherever our body fat decides to congregate it can make us feel puffy, bloated and ticked off! You catch yourself in the mirror and go who IS that woman?

As much as I love traveling and sampling delicious news foods and drinks, it wreaks havoc on my tummy and digestion. In fact if we think about it, any new circumstances in our lives can lead us to eating and drinking a bit more than we usually do. Unfortunately now we’re in mid-life or later we can’t shrug off those excess pounds like we used to can we?

Not into depriving yourself? Neither am I. But I do NOT want to go up a size either. So here we go.

10 Easy ways to Lose 5 Pounds or more

  1. Cut out wine drinking at home and if you’re out socialising limit yourself to two glasses
  2. Clear spirits has less sugar than wine. Substitute vodka or gin and soda with lime
  3. Commit to walking, running or biking 30 minutes at least every other day. Yoga works too.
  4. No bread, rolls, cookies or tarts. If you must have them, go gluten free.
  5. Limit your grains to occasional small portions of brown rice or rice noodles.
  6. Skip the coffee creamer. Try almond or whole milk instead.
  7. Limit cheese. (I love Brie. I think it’s responsible for at least 2 of my lbs.)
  8. Use a little psyllium fiber (like Metamucil or Citrucal) to keep things moving.
  9. Drink. Lots. Of. Water. (especially with the fiber!)
  10. If it comes in a box, don’t eat it.

There you go. Not brain science, but these are fairly easy bite size ways to change your daily habits.

It breaks down like this.

  • Move more (your body and your bowels)
  • Eat smaller portions of better foods
  • Eat less of certain foods or liquids

Actually I have one more tip that seems to work for me. If you see it, don’t buy it.

Because I am here to tell you, if my sweet tooth is calling me, I will go digging for something in the cupboard or the fridge to satisfy it.

No amount of willpower is enough to resist my favorite foods but if it’s not there I can’t eat it.

If you’re a bit of a chocoholic… cough cough… like me, buy yourself a bag of dark chocolate that’s pre-wrapped for portion control. In the US, I like Dove dark chocolate. Plain chocolate has the least amount of sugar and dark chocolate has less sugar than milk chocolate.

There you have it my love, how to lose 5 pounds without dieting. We do it with conscious eating. If you follow these steps you should start seeing results in about a week.

Please share if you have any tips of your own!


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