12 Practical Tips to Easily Improve Your Blood Sugar Levels

blood sugar levels

If you get hangry like I do, chances are your blood sugar levels could be out of whack. Blood sugar problems are caused mainly by insulin resistance. Insulin resistance can lead to diabetes and if that wasn’t bad enough, diabetes is one of the leading causes of strokes and heart attacks. Oy vey.

Insulin resistance means your cells aren’t getting the blood sugar they need for energy because the insulin receptors are blocked by inflammation or toxins. This causes insulin or blood sugar to back up in your body creating an unhealthy imbalance.

Up to 50% of us may be either pre-diabetic or have type 2 diabetes. No bueno.

How can you tell if your blood sugar levels are out of whack?

  • Eating makes you want to take a nap
  • It’s hard to lose weight
  • You’re peeing a lot
  • Find yourself agitated, nervous and upset
  • Blurry vision
  • Memory isn’t so great
  • You’re often thirsty
  • Sex drive is loooooow
  • You get irritable and hangry if you miss a meal
  • Your waist is equal to or larger than your hips

Do any of these symptoms fit you? Are your blood sugar levels running your life and not in a good way?

Get your levels checked by your doctor so you know exactly where you’re at before you start any new diet or exercise. If you’re like me you’ll want to skip this step. BUT knowing your baseline levels now means you can chart your progress when you get them re-checked 6 months from now!

Okay enough bad news. How can we help fix our blood sugar levels and stop this nasty insulin resistance from creating health havoc in our gorgeous bods?

Here’s some options to help regulate your blood sugar levels for better health

  1. Try drinking some green tea which has a compound to stabilize blood sugar. Matcha powder gives you the whole leaf which is even better.
  2. Take ALA or alpha-lipoid acid 3X a day (200 mg) to help balance your blood sugar levels.
  3. Magnesium helps improve insulin sensitivity and high blood pressure. Bonus? Magnesium also helps with insomnia and staying “regular”.
  4. Up your chromium. This one’s easy. Eat onions, potatoes, tomatoes and sea vegetables (like kelp).
  5. Vitamin E or tocopherol supports insulin sensitivity – try 600-900 milligrams daily.
  6. Shake some cinnamon on your morning coffee or oatmeal. It’s bioflavonoids can reduce blood sugar levels.
  7. Heal your gut by treating any infections, food allergies or candida. Taking a pro-biotic helps too.
  8. Supplement your Vitamin D or daily sunshine. Bonus? Helps reduce body fat too.
  9. Switch to healthy fats like unsaturated oils (avocado, olive, walnut) and eat avocados, lean meat and nuts. Think ketogenic. Better for your brain health too.
  10. Get a B multi vitamin or eat B6 or B9 rich foods like spinach, okra, turnip greens, grass-fed beef liver or chicken liver.
  11. Omega 3 fats will not only lower your risk of stroke but help regulate your blood sugar. Eat fish such as mackerel, herring and salmon.
  12. Adaptogens will also help your blood sugar levels by balancing hormones and inflammation. Try ginseng berry juice, Rhodiola, Ashawaganda, Holy Basil or Reishi mushrooms

There’s one more bonus to bossing your blood sugar levels.

Alzheimer’s has been dubbed type 3 diabetes because higher blood sugar can affect function in parts of the brain affected by the disease. By getting your blood sugar under control you’ll reduce your risk.

So ladies, let’s improve our blood sugar levels and live lots longer. I’m all for more sleep, energy and sex with less peeing. Works for me!


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