7 Reasons You’re Hip Over Fifty

hip over fifty

Think about all the wonderful reasons to be hip over fifty.

Yup. I’m serious. Getting older is not necessarily about losing options or choices, it can also offer lots of opportunities to really appreciate yourself for where you are and who you’ve become. That’s the whole point about being over fifty, you can feel confident, hip (meaning knowledgeable, relevant) and interesting. You’ve gained the experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

Experience can be a bitch but it also makes us who we are today. I for one, would not trade my experiences. My only regret is that I didn’t trust myself more. I wish I’d had the courage when I was young that I do now, but that’s what experience has taught me.

I love not really giving a damn about a lot of things that bothered me when I was younger! Yes life is too short to worry about what might have been or what we could have done. It’s time to put on our skinny jeans and moto boots and rock our world as it is now.

Here’s 7 Reasons To Celebrate Being Hip Over Fifty:
  1. You don’t really give a darn anymore what anyone thinks.
  2. Your boyfriend doesn’t have enough hair left to make a man bun.
  3. Fewer touch ups if you’re a blonde because your gray blends perfectly.
  4. You have more money and more time to spend it.
  5. Patrick Dempsey. He turned fifty last year and looks better than ever.
  6. You get more props for looking good than at any other time in your life.
  7. Cheaper movie tickets!

That’s just seven reasons to celebrate being hip and over fifty, but I can think of many more, can’t you?








I created Hip Over Fifty for women who want to stay hip and relevant in their fifties and on. Staying connected and encouraging each other is what inspires me. Want more? Visit my Work With Me page.

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