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The 8 Women’s Travel Pants with Pockets I Love

Updated September 5, 2023

Women’s travel pants with pockets are a must have whether you’re traveling internationally or keeping it domestic. Finding a pant that can last 12+ hours is a style challenge. It can’t sag and it must stay comfy the entire trip!

Straight up I’m super picky about any stretchy pant. It can’t look like gym wear and it has to be flattering coming and going if you know what I mean.

Road trips and train travel can be just as challenging as flights right?

Any trip where you sit for long stretches of time requires a chic travel pant that looks good on the go. So pockets, tick, pockets with zippers? Yes please!

On a recent trip to the US, I ordered this pant below from Athleta. I wasn’t a 100% sure about the light color; would it hold up and not show stains? I’m really bad at spilling food and drink on my clothes! But I couldn’t resist the pant, the sale or that it was fleece lined.  Sign me up. Fleece is what I live in 9 months out of the year here in England!

Women's travel pants with pockets

I’m wearing a Banana Republic wool sweater and Athleta Peak Hybrid Fleece tight

I was very excited about having a warm lined pant to see me through fall and winter months and I gave it a test run on the overnight flight home which was freezing as expected. Was SO glad to be warm!

These stone beige pants went perfectly with the new Banana Republic sweater that I absolutely love! Honestly I felt like Goldilocks. Not too hot not too cold, just right. The sweater I’m wearing has sold out but this one is similar.

Best of all, I felt pulled together the next morning as I headed out of Heathrow and onward.

But enough about me. I’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

Women’s Travel Pants with Pockets Roundup

I tried on the Halle Prana pant at REI and it fit all my criteria so I’m including it for you. I feel good about these recommendations because I know they’re good quality and stylish enough to make you feel that bit special.

In case you didn’t know Banana Republic, Athleta, Gap and Old Navy are all owned by the same company. Easy to shop online as all brands are under the same page/roof and shipping can be combined across brands.

Personally I don’t wear sweats out in public and I definitely don’t when traveling. But we can be just as comfortable wearing a sleek travel pant with pockets (got to have pockets); wide leg, cropped or skinny, with a sneaker or sandal.

Unfortunately my lined pants have sold out but hopefully Athleta will stock them again this winter. I’ll keep any eye out for them for you. In the meantime, why not check out these pants to wear traveling, shopping or running errands!

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