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Ready to experience your very own charming British lifestyle?

Perhaps you’ve got your eye on that perfect period property… OR … you’re not sure exactly how to get started but you know you’d like to spend more time here. After all, it can be a delightful place to call home, whether for up to 6 months or for a lifetime!

Let’s Start Here

1. Can You Get UK Residency? The answer is yes, no or maybe. See if you qualify.

2. Can You Live for up to 6 Months without a visa? The answer is yes! Get the guide.

3. Can You Buy Property with/without Residency? The answer is yes! Get my assistance

4. Can You Get Expert Advice to Move or Travel Here? The answer is yes! Let’s chat.

Enjoy the Quintessential British lifestyle!

Live in a charming cottage in the deepest pretty countryside or find a pied a terre in one of England’s versatile and clever cities or towns.

View my take on why the British lifestyle is so appealing.

From rural to urban, your adventure is just beginning. Hop on a train to Paris, jet off to Italy or winter in sunny Portugal, it’s all on your doorstep when you choose la vie en England!

Wherever you are in your journey, you can do this. What are you waiting for?