About Me

I understand what it takes to move towards making your dreams come true.

After years in advertising/publishing, I took the leap to open an interior design styling business. During the 2008 recession I helped sellers get a good price in a tough market using staging and a bit of psychology. Creating aspirational design for homeowners, investors and real estate developers has been a ton of fun.

Along the way I acquired a real estate license in both Florida and Colorado. Let’s just say I find property and design endlessly fascinating because I also bought and flipped several homes before it was the national pastime!

Born in England, I’ve been traveling back and forth for decades. So I know a little bit of what I’m talking about.

What’s your story… are you ready for a change?

I’m passionate about travel, design and property and I think that’s reflected in everything I do creatively.

My goal is to help others achieve theirs.

If you’re open to exploring how to make the most of your life, making a move to Europe or England might be your answer.

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Get in touch to discuss your goals and let’s bring them to life!

I’m living out this “dream” life one day at a time. Will you be inspired to follow your dreams too?