Why I Moved Back to England

I was born in the UK, but grew up in Canada and the US. Moving back to England wasn’t on my radar, but a few years ago a visit back “home” gave me heart pangs.  I realized I wanted to be closer to family and a lifestyle that lit me up. Especially at this time of life! So I took the steps to make it happen and now it’s home.

About Me

A long advertising and design career grew to include interior design and real estate. So I know a little about reinventing yourself!

I also understand what it takes to move towards making your dreams come true.

After many years in advertising and publishing I took the leap to open an interior styling business. During the 2008 recession I helped sellers get a good price in a tough market with staging. Creating aspirational design for homeowners, investors and real estate developers is always a ton of fun.

Along the way I acquired a real estate license in both Florida and Colorado. Let’s just say I find property and design endlessly fascinating! I also bought and flipped several homes with my ex husband before it was the national pastime.

What’s your story… are you ready for a change?

My love of travel, design and property is reflected in everything I do and everything I’m passionate about.

My goal? To help others achieve theirs.  If you’re open to shaking up your mid life, perhaps making a move to Europe or England is your answer!

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CONSULTATIONS: I offer coaching and relocation counsel by the hour – or contact me first to set up a quick complimentary call.

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Get in touch to discuss your goals and let’s bring them to life!

I’m living out this “dream” life one day at a time. Will you be inspired to follow your dreams too?