Being a Babe Is An Inside Job!

being a babe
Being a babe is an inside job. Knowing you’re hot is all about how you feel about yourself not what’s on the outside.
I remember watching the queen of enlightenment, Oprah; questioning actresses of a certain age. How were they coping now they were no longer considered beautiful by our youth obsessed culture?
Was life as they knew it over?
But I believe it’s possible to be a beautiful babe at any age.
Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean you get to wear the too-short leopard print mini at sixty without recrimination.
Being a babe has never been about what you wear because it’s an inside job.

The physical external aspect of aging is undeniable. Yes, it’s fun to show your legs and cleavage when it’s all shiny and firm.

I’m talking about that inner knowing you’re hot – firm cleavage or not – that doesn’t leave you at any age.
Unless you give away your inner hotness. In that case you never really had it in the first place. If it can be taken away, your babe-ness was all about what was on the outside. In my opinion, when it’s on the inside it’s your’s forever.
One of the sweet rewards of middle age is this. If you didn’t realize you were a babe when you were younger, now you can wake up to it. Whoah, I’m hot. Now you’ve got the maturity to work with it and own it. There’s nothing sweeter than embracing your inner hottie. At any age.



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