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Best Womens Jackets for Travel in Europe

Updated August 3, 2023

I’ve searched high and low to find the perfect coat. The one to keep me warm and dry in any weather!

Now if you’re used to the cold and damp you’re one step ahead. BUT,  if you live in a state that doesn’t get a lot of rain (or cold) your wardrobe may not be ready for everything England and Europe throws at it!

Ideally you only need to pack ONE coat that will not only keep you warm but stylish too.

Best Women’s Jacket for Travel in Europe

1. Traveling to the north of Scotland or hiking?

  • Go further north in the UK and you’ll need warmth and wind protection
  • Choose a jacket that comes with a lining or room to layer a vest or sweater underneath
  • A jacket that covers your hips gives warmth but still allows easy movement.
  • One of these jackets should keep you dry and toasty even into the winter!

2. Spending most of your time near London, in a car or train?

  • If you’re not climbing hills, then one of these stylish jackets can take you from city to country.
  • Layer and create warmth with scarves, down vests (or gilets as they’re called here)
  • The classic quilted jacket is perfect for those chilly spring or fall days

3. Visiting France, Italy or Spain?

  • Temperatures will be several degrees warmer at this latitude. Be prepared for showers and the occasional chilly spell
  • Trench coat styles are smart enough to wear in Paris or any major city to keep you warm, dry and stylish
  • Choose a size that allows a little room to layer underneath for those cooler evenings

Use Layers to Add Comfort

Although it’s not super cold here, it can feel downright frigid when winds blow in from the Atlantic or North Sea.

Actually I think the temperatures in England and other coastal areas of France, Italy and Spain are relatively mild. Mid to upper 40sF maybe even tipping low 50s during the day and dropping into high 30sF to low 40s at night. That’s typical winter, spring and late fall weather. Of course it can dip into freezing temperatures, especially the further north you go.

Here’s exactly what I wear to keep warm.

Water Resistant or Water Proof?

To keep dry, you’ll want a jacket to be water resistant and ideally water proof. My current Eddie Bauer coat is water resistant and does the job unless I get caught in a heavy downpour.

Unless a jacket is rubberized or coated it isn’t considered water-proof.  Water resistant will work well for most of your travels. If you feel like you’ll be out in the elements a lot, in that case look for water repellent or water proof.

The downside to true water proof jackets like rain slickers, is they don’t breathe very well. It’s not much fun to feel as if you’re having a full on hot flash while hiking so keep that in mind. The ideal coat should be in a fabric that breathes when it gets wet and dries out easily.

Women's Jacket for Travel

My Eddie Bauer jacket helping me brave the March chill at Stonehenge!

A Favorite Women’s Jacket

For example this Eddie Bauer thigh length quilted field coat has been my go to jacket since I started traveling to the UK. Unfortunately it’s been discontinued!

But Barbour and others make similar coats. I love this style because it looks casual or can be smart enough for the city. Very versatile, warm and water resistant too.

For more tips on what to wear for that classic British style, here’s what I recommend.

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