Want to live a meaningful life? Do it with intention!

That means making choices. What’s happening in your life? Will it define you or will you choose to define your life. Be authentically you – not what someone else wants you to be.
Let go of what doesn’t work so you can embrace what will. It doesn’t belong if it doesn’t support you.

How to Be Unshakeable and Resilient.

I’ve found if you always act from pure intention, you’ll be unshakeable and resilient. When we go out in the world with our only intention to be the BEST representation of us, we can’t lose. Being our best self becomes…

My Number One Sleep Tip

How can you get a good night’s sleep? I know there’s oodles of practical suggestions out there but I want to share my personal sleep remedies to get extra z’s along with my number one sleep tip! I’m not sure exactly…

Coming Down With Something?

  Recently I found myself with almost back to back colds or upper respiration infections. UGH. I pride myself on almost never getting sick so what happened? I’m going to share my go to RX when I’m feeling under the…