Travel Tips

Every time I wander, I learn new travel tips and secrets. That’s what this blog is all about. Sharing and hopefully inspiring you to be hip over fifty, travel like a pro and get out in the world and discover!

Whether it’s learning how to get to the center of London from Heathrow to what to pack for comfort and style, travel keeps our over fifty brains buzzing.

Are you disciplined enough to pack everything you need for a week in a carry on bag? I bow to you! You have my respect however I’m not a convert – yet. My pillows need space!

Let’s learn new travel tips from each other.

The Complete Beginners Guide to Airbnb

The complete beginners guide to Airbnb with the pros and cons of using this popular online home sharing service for your next trip or vacation. If you haven’t heard of Airbnb or haven’t used it yet, you may not be…

How To Keep In Touch By Phone Internationally

Here’s what I’ve found out about how to keep in touch by phone internationally. We’re on the plane, and we hope we’ve packed everything we need to stay in touch while traveling with loved ones, business or friends. It goes…

Get Around London Like a Local

I want to share my tips to get around London with the least amount of fuss! The last time we flew into Heathrow we took the Heathrow Express into central London, but there are other options that I think are better…