Coming Down With Something?


Recently I found myself with almost back to back colds or upper respiration infections. UGH. I pride myself on almost never getting sick so what happened? I’m going to share my go to RX when I’m feeling under the weather, coming down with something or in the middle of a bug.

For starters; I believe lots of stress, lack of sleep and travel had undermined my normally buoyant immune system. At least that’s my diagnosis. I’ve gone years without getting so much as a sneeze, so finding myself helplessly in thrall to my sinuses felt like a blow to my clean life habits. What’s the point of eating well and keeping yourself away from naughty things if it doesn’t bestow good health?

I’m a firm believer we’re as healthy as our thoughts. Negative thought patterns can have unintentioned side effects and cause dis-ease. Even our sleep or the lack of it is a result of what’s going on in our lives and how we feel about it. So what’s the solution?

The solution to staying healthier is to stay in balance with your habits and thoughts.
  • Eat lightly and as well as you can. We all know it’s not wise to succumb to junk food while traveling or under stress because those empty calories don’t support our immune system when we need it most.
  • Try and keep a steady sleep pattern. I know that’s not always possible but at least get yourself to bed at roughly the same time each night.
  • Boost your immune system by taking a daily dose of Vitamin C as well as D and B6 and B12.
  • Take time to be aware of any stressors you’re under and work on letting go of what you can. Sometimes we get caught up in a negative thought spiral. Realize most of this is under your control. Work on your breathing to calm your nervous system down. I find this is super effective when I remember to do it!
If you’re feeling like you’re coming down with something or getting sick:
  • Take extra Vitamin C
  • I swear by Kick Ass Immune Activator by Wish Garden
  • Try Zicam or similar zinc supplement. Take it with food otherwise your tummy may get upset.
  • I also like to take Sambucol Elderberry syrup or lozenges if I have a cough or sore throat as it’s a very soothing anti-viral.
  • Work on those thoughts. Don’t panic. Slow down and take care of yourself. Getting sick is our bodies way of trying to make us pay attention!
You’re already in the middle of nasty bug and sick, what do you do?:
  • Continue taking your Vitamin C and zinc supplement
  • I start taking Kick Ass Biotic Seriously Heroic by Wish Garden
  • Take a simple guaifenesin syrup solution to relieve congestion
  • If there’s an appointment or meeting you have to show up for, try some Alka-Seltzer to get you through those few hours
  • Cut up and squeeze a quarter lemon into a cup and add boiling water. Add some honey if you like. Drink once it’s cool enough. If you have some fresh ginger by all means cut or grate that and add as well.
  • Rest. No really. Take care of yourself while you recover. This is when it’s OK to lie on the couch and binge on Netflix.

We still don’t have a cure for the common cold and there will always be viruses out there. Your best defense is keep your thoughts and immune system healthy as you can. Don’t succumb to the idea getting sick is unavoidable. Be prepared with your best attitude and take good care of your mind and body. You’d be surprised at the difference it can make!





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