Drop Those New Year’s Resolutions – Do This Instead



As 2017 comes to an end and we’re wrapped up in festive diversions, what feelings come up when you think of the New Year? Are you making any New Year’s resolutions or do you avoid thinking about the future?

If there’s a time less suited to kickstarting a diet, leaping into a gym or changing bad habits, I don’t when it is. The dead of winter is not the easiest time to wean yourself off comfort food and drink is it? In fact most exercise regimes conceived in desperation from holiday over indulgence are classically doomed to failure.

The holidays create a vicious cycle of indulgence, guilt and remorse which has somehow become ingrained in our culture to repeat. No wonder we dread the beginning of the New Year! We’re spurred on to shop til we drop, spend til we’re broke, eat drink and be merry and then expected to shut it all down on January 2. How can we possibly enjoy those delicious holiday treats if guilt is the price we’ll have to pay?

From past experience we know our post holiday attempts to shed the pounds, sculpt the body and reboot our habits are very likely to be a fail. We’re Wonder Woman but we’re not super woman. We feel compelled to make the effort to slap ourselves into shape, but deep down we’re tired of setting ourselves up for the less than stellar results we seem to achieve.

Are New Year’s resolutions a guilt button we push to atone for our holiday excesses?

I’m not immune to the idea the new year is a tidy starting point to get my act together. It’s a chance to reboot and get down to business. But I can’t remember the last time I consciously made a New Year’s resolution for all the reasons I’ve given you. I don’t like to fail and setting myself up for disappointment isn’t my idea of a good way to start the year.

Are we agreed then; New Year’s resolutions are counter productive? They make you feel bad for being human. Now you may be one of the super women who make and keep theirs. My hats off to you. The rest of us mortals need a way to reframe the start of the year in a more positive light!

Swap Resolutions for Reinvention:

Instead of resolving to lose weight, get fit and transform our clutter,  can we reframe the cliche of making resolutions into a more meaningful exercise like reinventing ourselves? Ooops I didn’t mean to say exercise!

What Does it Mean to Reinvent Yourself:

Resolutions imply we’ve found fault internally and now we need to fix it. Or organize it or pummel it into submission. Reinvention is taking who you are, accessing what works and what doesn’t and choosing to change what doesn’t to get your desired end result.

Reinvention Looks Like This:
[clickToTweet tweet=”You woke up one day and realized you never made it to Italy and it was always a lemony prosecco fueled dream you would.” quote=”You woke up one day and realized you never made it to Italy and it was always a lemony prosecco fueled dream you would.”] What’s it going to take, to get you there? Do it. Find a partner who wants to go too and will help you make it reality or find the lira to float a travel fund. You won’t get there by resolving to, you’ll get there by putting a solid plan in place. Your dream awaits.

Reinvention Feels Like This:

When you’ve chosen to put your dreams and desires as a priority, you’ve taken the first step to self care and self awareness. Bravo! It feels breathtaking. Like taking a breath and feeling as if you’ve just tapped into you. Reinvention creates feelings of positive and unlimited optimism.

How to Make Reinvention a Practice:

Promise me every time you think the word “should” you stop and go. Hmmm. That’s not me, that’s my ego talking. Reinvention comes from your heart, it is the cookie crumbs leading you to your heart’s desire. Your intuition is a crumb. Follow it, listen to it and heed it. It knows where you want to be and how to get there.

Drop Those New Year’s Resolutions:

The next time you think of New Year’s resolutions, I hope you’ll get a secret smirk when you realize you’ve dropped that bad habit and picked up a killer self care routine called reinvention.





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