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Explore Rue Cler: the Perfect Parisian Neighborhood

Updated January 30, 2024

What to Do & See Near Rue Cler, Paris

Nestled on the left bank of Paris, within minutes of the Eiffel Tower, is the neighborhood of Rue Cler. Known for its walkability, charm and gourmand reputation, Rue Cler is an upscale residential quartier that feels more like a home from home than a tourist destination.

The Rue Cler neighborhood makes a perfect introduction to Paris, even if your time is limited to a long weekend or short break!

Rue Cler Neighborhood Highlights

  • The 7th Arrondissement on the Left Bank is one of Paris’ most exclusive neighborhoods
  • Walkable to Eiffel Tower, Champs de Mars, Hotel des Invalides and the Seine river
  • Unique specialty food markets, cafes and restaurants
  • Boutiques and Rue Saint-Dominque for shopping
  • Charming cobblestone streets
  • Near Gare de Montparnasse, the TGV gateway to southern France
explore rue cler

Cafe Roussillon

How to Get to Rue Cler, Paris

1. Fly into Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

  • A taxi or driving to Rue Cler will take 40 minutes to an hour from the airport
  • Public trains leave from the airport every 10 minutes. From terminal 3 take B train (Kari) to Saint Michel Notre Dame. Change here to C train (Sara) and get off at Pont de l’Alma. Walk 15 minutes depending on your destination. The whole journey will take approx. 1 hour

2.  From London take Eurostar to Gare Du Nord Paris

  • Eurostar departs London St. Pancras station and arrives at Gare du Nord station in Paris.
  • From the station, take a taxi, Metro train or bus to Rue Cler
  • Taxi: takes approx. 15-20 minutes and costs $18 (£13)
  • Metro: Metro 4 Mairie de Montrouge to Strasbourg Saint Denis. Take Metro 8 to La Tour Maubourg then walk to your destination. Takes approx. 30 minutes £2.
  • Bus: Take Line 80 Bus Custine Ramey to Bosquet Grenelle then walk 2 minutes. Takes approx 40 minutes £1-2

If you do arrive by Eurostar, travel from Gare du Nord to Rue Cler by taxi. Ask your driver to take you by the Louvre as this is a fabulous introduction to Paris! The route takes you from the Right Bank either past the world famous Louvre, or the Place de la Concorde with it’s Egyptian obelisk over the Seine to the Left Bank and Rue Cler.

3. From Southwest France take TGV to Gare Montparnasse Paris

  • Traveling from the south west of France, Gare Montparnasse is the closest TGV train station to Rue Cler
  • From Montparnasse travel by bus, Metro or taxi to the nearest stops to Rue Cler
  • Bus: 92 Bus – Porte de Champerret leaves every 6 minutes from the station and arrives at Bosquet Grenelle in 13 minutes. £1-2
  • Metro: Metro 13 leaves Montparnasse Bienvenue every 5 minutes to Varenne stop 14 minutes away. £2
  • Taxi: Taxi takes 5 minutes for £7-9

Where to Stay near Rue Cler

Hotel de L’Empereur is located at Rue Chevert, at the corner of Boulevard de la Tour Maubourg.

I scoured reviews and guidebooks to come up with this local find and was very happy with my choice. It’s a boutique hotel that’s perfectly located to explore Rue Cler. Very clean with a luxuriously appointed shower room and plush furnishings. Although the room was a little on the small side, the American king size bed made up for it and was a comfy place to rest and relax after exploring all day.

explore rue cler

The view of Hotel des Invalides from our room at Hotel L’Empereur

From our window there was a gorgeous view of the Hotel des Invalides across the way but best of all, Rue Cler was just a 10 minute walk away. La Tour Eiffel and Champs de Mars were within a 20 minute walk from the hotel. The quiet residential feel of this neighborhood felt safe and welcoming and not at all touristy.

Since I originally wrote this article, the hotel has been acquired by the Malone Hotel Group.

Rooms from £155

Browse other hotels in central Paris – for Rue Cler, search for 7th Arrondissement

Book a Table at Le Petite Cler

As soon as we checked in, we walked over to the charming neighborhood of Rue Cler to browse. I find it’s nice to be able to stroll and get your bearings to bounce back after a full day of travel.

As it’s always customary to book for lunch or dinner in Europe I recommend booking a table for  your first night either through the hotel or restaurant. I’d read good reviews about Le Petite Cler and couldn’t wait to try some delicious French cuisine.

We were unfashionably early at 5:45 but it felt good to relax and start enjoying Parisian life on a sunny September day. All the outside tables were taken but quite frankly unless you want a Gauloise drifting in your face, I’d choose an inside table to enjoy your meal. Very cozy and intimate.

Find more things to do in Rue Cler.

explore rue cler

Boulangerie near Rue Cler

Browse and Shop Rue Cler

Browse the block between Rue Bosquette and Rue de Grenelle. It’s packed with people watchers oozing effortless French chic whilst smoking at outdoor tables. On a sunny day restauranteurs will keep re-arranging tables and chairs for maximum street exposure!

If you venture further afield you’ll also discover oodles of interesting little shops on neighboring streets.

Rue Cler is known for it’s markets, street vendors, boulangerie, patisserie, fromagers and juice stands. Why not make up a picnic to nosh on while sitting by the Seine or Champs de Mar on a sunny day?

explore rue cler

Orange juice stand on Rue Cler

The Most Famous Parisian Landmark – La Tour Eiffel

Simply walk down Rue de Grenelle heading east, and Champ de Mars will appear before you. This public park will be packed with tourists, pickpockets and families picnicking in front of La Tour Eiffel, the iconic Eiffel Tower.

There’s no lovelier time of day to visit than the golden hour just before sunset. If you bring a picnic or bottle of wine you may want to stake a spot on the Champ de Mars and wait for the tower lights to come on.

Eiffel Tower

explore rue cler

View of the iconic Eiffel Tower from Trocadero Gardens across the Seine

Grab a Tour Bus to Explore Paris

Splitting the park in front of Tour Eiffel is Avenue Joseph Blvd., a gathering spot for tour buses. Hopping on and off a tour bus as it circles through four different routes around the city is definitely the lazy girls way to see Paris!

If you’re just in Paris for a few days, a tour bus can be the perfect way to see as much of the city as possible. The tour bus we tried is now called Tootbus and we loved the freedom it gave us from figuring out how to get from point A to B! Use the maps provided to pick a spot to hop on. When you see somewhere you want to explore in more depth, just hop off. Another bus will be around soon to hop back on.

explore rue cler

View down the Seine

Where to Eat – Rue Cler:

  • Cafe Roussillon 186 Rue de Grenelle 75007
  • Le Petit Cler 29 Rue Cler 75007
  • Cafe Central 40 Rue Cler 75007
  • Cafe du Marche, 38 Rue Cler 75007

You may pay a premium to dine and shop in Rue Cler, as it’s a well known destination, but in no way does it detract from it’s charm!

What to See & Do Rue Cler: 7th Arrondisement

For that quintessential Parisian weekend experience, it’s hard to top Rue Cler. It’s the perfect neighborhood to explore when you’re ready to travel to France. One of the benefits to living in England is the easy access when you’re ready to explore more of France and Europe. Hop on the Eurostar and be in Paris in under 3 hours!

More things to do in Rue Cler, Paris.

Book your hotel in central Paris so you can start planning your trip.

Go ahead and book your favorite Paris memories now!

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