Hormone Replacement Therapy, Your Secret Ingredient


hormone replacement therapy

HRT – Hormone Replacement Therapy can be so important for women over fifty; if done correctly, it supplements what Mother Nature naturally supplies to balance our sleep, moods and libido. I can’t think of anything much more important than that!

HRT, especially estrogen therapy, has come under fire in recent years as a potential precursor to increased risk for breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks. Estrogen supplementation, when not twinned with progesterone can be problematic.

However an article today reports that landmark research backed by the US government, indicates after 18 years of follow up that women had similar rates of death from heart disease and breast cancer when taking HRT as those who took a dummy pill. (This study focused on use of Prempro and Premarin specifically). If synthetic hormone substitutes don’t cause increased health risk, I would assume natural bio identical hormones are safe in small doses as well.

Your Hormone Replacement Therapy Options:
  • FDA supplements which are synthetically produced using ingredients like pregnant mare’s urine (Premarin)
  • Bio-identical hormones synthesized through soy and yam sold through pharmaceutical companies to mimic natural hormones
  • Bioidentical hormones compounded specifically for you through a compounding pharmacy to mimic naturally occurring hormones
  • Over the counter soy or yam creams or supplements (plant based isn’t necessarily the same as bio identical)

Over the counter is the only currently available option that doesn’t require a prescription by your doctor, health professional or gynecologist (at least in the US)

Personally I’ve used compounded bioidentical Estriol/Estradiol and progesterone for years, as I believe it keeps things ticking over nicely. I believe HRT is my secret ingredient to feeling and looking as youthful as possible.

But hormone replacement therapy is a very personal choice and requires a fair amount of research to find a practitioner who will work with you to find the product right for you at the right dose.

I’ll close by leaving you in good hands. I’ve quoted Dr. Christiane Northrup before, and I don’t think you can find a better or more informed resource on the pros, cons and value of HRT, hormone replacement therapy.

This in depth article should answer many of your questions. Your next step is to find a health professional to help translate your particular biology and needs into a personalized HRT regimen.

If you decide to try HRT, let me know how it works for you.




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