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How Can I Move to England from the USA?

Updated November 9, 2023

UPDATED July 2023

How can you move to England from the USA? Get started here.

1. Moving to England as a temporary resident

2. Moving to England as a permanent resident

3. Visa Options for Residency or UK citizenship

4. Applying for a UK work/study/family visa

5. Visit or move to the UK and find a place to live

6. Move your personal goods to the UK


move to england from the USA

How Can You Move to England from the USA?

There are basically two options for American citizens to live in England:

  1. As a temporary resident or
  2. As a permanent resident with Indefinite Leave to Remain or Citizenship.

1. Move to England as a Temporary Resident 

American citizens can live in the UK up to 6 months without a visa. If you want to visit more frequently you can apply for a 2, 5 or 10 year Standard Visitor Visa. This allows you to stay for up to 6 months at a time for the duration of your visa.

If you’re coming to work, study, get medical treatment, get married or on official business; you should apply for the specific visa related to the purpose of your stay. 

Can you work in the UK without a visa?

No – unless you have a specific visa allowing you to work.

Can you study in the UK without a visa?

Yes – for up to 6 months. A study visa is required to stay for 6 months or longer

2. Move to England as a Permanent Resident

To become a permanent resident of the UK you must have “Right of Abode” giving you the right to live and work without restrictions. Once you become a British citizen you have “Right of Abode”. 

You’re eligible for British citizenship:

Citizenship through a British Parent

If you have at least one British parent who was born in the UK, you might be a citizen and not need a visa. Find out if you qualify.

Rare double-descent cases regarding historic sexism. For example your grandmother was born in the UK, your mother couldn’t register as a British Citizen and you were born before 1983. Other qualifications may also exist for you here too. Find out if you qualify.

Citizenship through Ancestry

You have Canadian citizenship and you have one grandparent born in the UK then you can qualify through ancestry. Unfortunately Americans can’t qualify through this ancestry loophole unless they’re also Canadian citizens. Find out if you qualify.

Live in the UK with Indefinite Leave to Remain

If you want to live in England permanently but you don’t have citizenship, you’ll need to apply for “indefinite leave to remain” or settlement. Indefinite leave to remain gives you “leave” to settle here. It gives you the right to live, work and study here for as long as you like, and apply for benefits if you’re eligible. You can use it to apply for British citizenship. Find out if you qualify.

Find out more about qualifying for British citizenship here.

move to england from the usa

3. Visa Options for Residency or UK citizenship

Here’s the different visas you can apply to gain residency:

5. Visit or Move to the UK and Find a Place to Live

When you’re ready to find a home in the UK, can you buy or rent?

You can buy a home without citizenship or right to remain, however until you have residency you’ll only be able to live in the home for up to 6 months at a time.

You can rent a home only if you DO have the Right of Abode (Right to Remain) in the UK. Landlords and estate agents can get in trouble if they bypass this law! Expect to find short term accommodation until you do.

Get more information on finding a place to live in the UK here.

Visit my Youtube channel to get ideas on where to live in England.

6. Moving Personal Goods to England

Use your overseas flight baggage allowance to move small possessions. It’s cheaper to pay for extra bags ahead of time than ship them separately. Be prepared to answer any customs questions!

Consider leaving behind items that are easily replaceable. Rent a storage space in the US or leave irreplaceable possessions with a friend until you decide if your move to the UK will be permanent. I used UPakWeship to ship my favorite possessions in a small crate.

HMRC (UK customs) gives you one year to move your personal goods over to the UK without paying customs or VAT taxes on them. I highly recommend you take advantage of this 12 month period to avoid extra costs.

move to england from the usa

Countries Included in UK Citizenship

With British or UK citizenship you’re eligible to live and work in all four United Kingdom countries which includes: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

To make it more confusing, Ireland (southern Ireland) is NOT part of the United Kingdom but is still part of the EU. If your flight lands in Dublin, that’s Ireland and not the UK. If it lands in Belfast, you’re in Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom.

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Although I’ve written this article specially for my fellow Americans, most advice applies to anyone who wants to relocate to England. Please remember to seek professional legal advice if and when you choose to relocate!

For more information on UK visas:

Get expert advice and my 6 Months in England Guide.

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