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How to Be Resilient and Unshakeable.

Updated October 30, 2023


When we act from pure intention, we’re unshakeable. When we go out in the world with our only intention to be the BEST us, we can’t lose.

By being our best selves we’re creating a built in support structure that feeds self confidence. Which in turn feeds our sense of being unshakeable and un-fuckwithable; otherwise known as resilience!

I believe our divine purpose in life is to be loving, giving and generous in spirit. To be good to ourselves as well as to others.

Being good is a very close cousin to being kind. Two qualities we never want to fake or pretend. When being good is your foundation everything else in life becomes easier.

When you act from goodness, you don’t have to stop and say, “How do I handle this?” or “What do I do here?”  because you instinctively know.

Being your true kind self is liberating because you always know what to do and what to say. Mean girls don’t apply.

Your choice to be kind spring from a code of conduct you won’t break.

The secret to really being resilient is never do anything to cause a loss of self-respect. Self respect is the reward for being good and kind. You’re solid. You know who you are, one of the good guys.

How to Be Resilient and Unshakeable

Treat your self respect as your highest priority and you immediately feel good about yourself. Self respect is the pathway to becoming resilient.

Self respect is what happens when you don’t step outside the boundaries you’ve made with yourself. You choose to be good and kind both to yourself and others. Your intentions are always honorable. Your code of conduct is impeccable.

The payoff? Once you act from this place of pure intention you’ll stop worrying what others think. Your best intentions become your true compass, easily guiding you through any situation.

You intend to be an amazing woman full of love, kindness and inner self respect. Every action you take proves it. The more you act from love and kindness the easier it gets.

Too easy to be true, or too challenging to follow through?

The Path to Resilience is Walked with Self Respect.

You got this

  • Decide to be the good and kind person you are naturally
  • Use these traits as your north star to guide you in every situation
  • In every situation ask yourself what would the “good” you do?
  • Protect yourself with boundaries
  • Only have those who support you in your inner circle
  • Turn down people and activities that compromise your goodness

When we walk the walk, that inner glow of self respect shows in our eyes and smile. You feel so darn good about who you’ve turned into you’re a magnet for all the good in the world. It’s the kind of emotional resilience you’ve been searching for.

It’s truly amazing how unshakeable you’ll feel when your self respect is your highest priority. Everything you do is with integrity and you trust the world is working with you not against you. That’s what resilience is. Knowing the best is always available to you because you deserve it.

Uncover the positives and find gratitude by making a habit of visualizing your best life.











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