How to Keep Living Well Over Fifty


I’m committed to wellness and personal growth and my personal goal is to keep living WELL over fifty.  I not only want to feel good, I want to feel as if my health and wellbeing supports me.

Perhaps you’ve lived your whole life relying on doctors and specialists to map out your path to health or recovery. If you’ve found someone who is responsive, who listens and who genuinely reflects back to you what you’re feeling and going through, lucky you. The US health system typically gives us a single health care provider who acts as a referrer when specialists are needed and who counsels us through the basics of annual checkups, tests and simple diseases. In effect the provider acts as a hub in a wheel of health care.

It’s clear to me our continued good health relies on us managing it effectively and intelligently. In effect you should function as the hub of all medical information and care with your primary care doctor and specialists forming the wheel.

I’m a firm believer in being informed and following our intuition. If you get a chance, listen to these conversations by Dr. Mona Lisa and Dr. Northrup. Eye opening! Even though these were recorded back in 2005, 2008 they’re still as fresh and relevant today. These two medical professionals are spot on when it comes to recognizing the patterns our dis-eases take when we don’t clean up our emotional responses.

I’ve learned there is no one better to care deeply about what happens to us than ourselves. Only we can know how much pain we’re really in and if it’s physical or emotionally based. Only we know our entire medical history, what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Bottom line: If you want to be living well over fifty, be prepared to be your own physician and healer.

Consider whether or not the medications you need are truly necessary or if a change in lifestyle and diet would work just as well without the toxic side effects.

Be willing to change what doesn’t work. If you’re suffering from a toxic load, make your environment healthier or move. Living in mold or allergic conditions? Clean it up or move. If your emotions are battered from living with someone who doesn’t value your health and well being, get help and move.

Every single health issue we face is a response to a long term emotion or environmental toxicity. Even if you have a genetic predisposition, your fate isn’t sealed. It’s how you respond to that DNA that makes the difference. If you give up and give in, your emotions hijack your genetic destiny and give it ground to grow.

I started writing this story as a prelude to the latest healthy sun screen advice, but obviously my passion for self health took a front seat! I truly believe our emotions and thoughts create our health. The inspired late Louise Hay was a pioneer in this field of thought. Read her book You Can Heal Your Life and her story about how she healed herself from cancer.

Next health post for living well over fifty, I’ll share what I’ve learned about a better way to protect your skin from sun exposure!





I created Hip Over Fifty for all the women who want to stay hip and relevant in their fifties and beyond. Staying connected and encouraging each other is what inspires me. I hope to hear your thoughts and dreams too!

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