How I Made Peace With Butter

peace with butter

On a recent trip to Paris I was helpless to resist the many ways the French have mastered cooking with butter. Baguettes and patisserie were irresistible delicious confections tempting me at every street corner.  I swear French frites are cooked in butter too.

Making peace with butter has taken a long time but I’ve changed my belief it’s decadent; I truly believe it can be good for us!

Treating ourselves once in a while is fine. If I indulge in some fries, frites or something buttery for lunch, I’m probably going to skip anything carb-y or fattening for dinner. If I have fries at dinner, I’ll pass on dessert (unless I’m in Paris!)

Fortunately lots and lots of walking seemed to offset our unusual butter consumption. Or perhaps that’s the lure of Parisian culture and food.  Indulge in butter soaked pastries and you won’t gain an ounce! Wink. It certainly seems to work for the French.

To this day, I believe good fat such as real butter is OK as long as you don’t smear it on carbs like bread and pasta. It’s much healthier to eat real butter than a butter substitute which is crammed full of sugar or additives.

Eating fat – good fat like real butter and olive oil – is back in vogue. Eating what comes naturally from the land is good for us in moderation. What we have to watch out for is combining fats with carbohydrates, especially starchy carbohydrates.

Although they can be super yummy together, carbohydrates and fats aren’t a healthy combo for keeping off weight. Protein and fats are closer to the ideal balance for us.  Steak and salad with oil and vinegar dressing? Hell yes! Just remember to skip the basket of bread and butter.

I believe we should make peace with butter for special occasions.

That means we can occasionally indulge in carbalicious croissants made with delicious French butter. Honey, the point is to enjoy it when it matters. Not every day, but for a treat. So go ahead and indulge in a real buttery confection from time to time – especially if you’re in France!





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