Do you have a desire to relocate or move to England? Are you ready to embrace a new life abroad where you can explore history, culture and nature to your hearts content? For one small island, England possesses a wealth of accessible natural and historical beauty.

Searching properties online to decide where to move in England?

It’s difficult to assess a location, neighborhood and vibe by what you see online isn’t it? You can buy a home sight unseen but why make a huge financial commitment like that when you don’t have to?

A perfect example is the town I chose when I decided to move to England

It was rated a “best place to live in the Southwest” by a major newspaper. Because I was on a tight schedule to find accommodation, I decided to take a leap and commit to a property and town on first viewing.

Would I recommend that course of action? No and here’s why.

News media tends to just show the pretty. You’ve seen “The Holiday” right? Actually most villages are lovely,  but you need more than just pretty don’t you?

You need/want the conveniences you’ve grown accustomed to, right?

  • Is the local broadband or internet fast enough?
  • Is there good public transportation? You or the kids may need to commute to work or school by train.
  • Is there a GP (health care) or ER facility close by?
  • Is the local police force responsive and what do crime stats tell us?

Moving abroad is expensive. Why not feel confident you’re making an informed decision – the first time.

I’ve moved from the US to the UK, and in the position to understand your unique needs and concerns. I’ve taken most of the steps you’ll go through so I understand how to get the information you need to make your most informed choice.

Move to England Made Simple

As your personal property agent I will

  • Research locations based on your criteria
  • Make 3 top location recommendations 
  • Research each local real estate market 
  • Select a portfolio of properties within preferred locations
  • Prepare a neighborhood report
  • Provide live Facetime or video tours of neighborhood 
  • Prepare a bespoke travel plan &  itinerary for a viewing trip to England
  • Refer you to financial or legal advice
  • Check in with Whatsapp calls

Current Search Area: England (Scotland & Wales considered)

Hire Me: Property Agent Advantages

Business gets done here primarily face to face.  Having a local person on hand to ask the questions, follow up and keep transactions on track is invaluable for your peace of mind. I understanding the British culture and attitude. As a US real estate agent I’m also in a position to understand the differences between how American and British property is transacted. Whether you’re interested in a rental (let) or purchase I’m qualified to assist.

My US work ethic means I’m uniquely qualified to get results because I’m not afraid to ask questions, I don’t take no for an answer and I’m persistent until I get a result!

  • + the cost of flights, hotels, rental cars to visit the UK yourself
  • + the cost of time away from work etc to find the perfect location
  • – savings when using a local agent

Ready to take the next step in renting or buying a property in the UK? Get in touch today to discuss your property needs.