My Favorite BOOKS to inspire you

You Can Heal Your Life
Louise Hay’s ground breaking book guided us to connect our emotions with our health. Along with Heal Your Body, it’s one of those books I check to get new insights. Learn how to heal yourself by being aware of how your thoughts and emotions affect your body.

Mindful Loving
Thoughts don’t just affect our health, they also touch our relationships. This author combines scientific and spiritual research to create a compelling argument. Our thoughts have the power to change others. I know it sounds woo woo but stick with it. Seeking a new way to understand your closest relationships? Read this book!

You Are a Badass
I’m recommending the audiobook because Jen Sincero’s narration adds that extra pizazz and personality.  If you need a good no nonsense kick in the butt to get you going and feel more motivated, then have a listen. This book’s been a bestseller for a reason. It’s easy to understand and to the point!

Eat Pray Love
What more can be said about this book that inspired thousands of us to explore our own purpose in life. Ready to go on your own journey of self discovery? It’s well worth the read. As I didn’t love the movie so much, I’m recommending reading the book to get the real message!

I Need Your Love – Is That True?
If you haven’t heard of Byron Katie, this book is a good intro. She’s an author who will flip your perception of why you believe what you believe. For example questioning why we need someone’s love. Questioning a perception is a great way to open our minds to new alternatives. For example… “I need to live where I’ve always lived – is that true?”

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
Clutter creates chaos. Not just in our homes but in our body and spirit. This best seller kind of forces you to come to grips with your stuff and really think about what to keep. What can you let go of? The first step in moving abroad is deciding what’s really important. This best seller will help you get started.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff… and it’s all small stuff
I discovered Richard Carlson in a magazine article a long time ago and found this book. It’s another bestseller for a reason. Simple concepts but told in a gentle easy to follow style. When we don’t let the small stuff take over, we have more headspace to take on the big stuff. Like moving abroad!

Master Your Emotions
A nice straight forward explanation of how we get wrapped up in our perceptions and thoughts. So many self help books focus more on the authors personality or writing style, whereas this book just lays it out there – with a no nonsense attitude. Plus right now it’s free on Kindle Unlimited.

Relationships have such a huge impact on our happiness and they also act as a barometer to how we feel about ourselves.  This book shines a light on why some relationships feel so familiar yet are so difficult. Your attachment “style” either avoidant, secure or anxious is how you navigate relationships. Get this book, it will change your life.

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