Over the years  I’ve finally figured out “my style” and basically it’s timeless and comfortable. I pay attention to trends that suit me and pretty much ignore the rest. I don’t know about you but I prefer to wear my clothes not be worn by them!

Almost everything in my closet works for travel too. I don’t do heels but I like to spend money on good shoes. Comfort and quality count when you’re walking a lot!

A few pieces in my wardrobe get LOTS of use. Like this trench coat from Mango for example dresses up a plain pair of black leggings and top. A classic trench even makes a pair of jeans look chic.

Unfortunately the Mango trench seems to be sold out at the moment. Try one these alternatives instead:

My Style – Trench Coats


Getting ready for the colder months or travel? A hand picked selection of toasty warm coats:

My Style – Warm Coats


My Style – Waterproof Footwear


My Style – More Resources

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