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Which Personal Stylist Are Your Friends Using?

Updated October 30, 2023

What Does a Personal Stylist Do?

I’ll admit I’m a little late to the personal stylist party. For decades I’ve been a lone wolf when it comes to styling my wardrobe. Not only do I prefer to shop alone, I feel I’ve got a better sense of what works for my body and style than anyone else possibly could. Is this what they call denial? ha ha

For years, I didn’t realize I’m long waisted and short legged. Who knew? I always thought I was short… period. Another revelation was my body forms an inverted triangle. Wider at the shoulders and narrow at my non-existent hips. Which explains why so many styles I tried on didn’t flatter or fit.

I can tell you, when cropped pants came in style again, it was if the gods were shining upon me. No more tailoring or shortening pants!

But I digress. I’ve heard through the grapevine there are some fantastic resources out there for those of us who could use an objective impartial style maven. This may be a no brainer to you, but seriously I’m a noob here.

I’ve always felt I can easily see what looks good on someone else so it stands to reason someone else can pick out what looks good on me. Right?

A personal stylist will guide you to clothes that work for your body shape, in colors to flatter your skin tone and hair keeping your clothing budget in mind.

Let’s try this shall we? Who knows what we could be missing out on!

Personal Stylists to Try Now:


anthropologie personal stylist
Do you love this eclectic store as much as I do? Some of the clothing is admittedly eccentric, you only have to take a look at the sale racks. But overall I think Anthropologie offers a lot of curated and unusual pieces for your wardrobe if you’re willing to pick through the racks. If you avail yourself of their personal stylist services, you fill out a form online with your contact details, sizes, style and any Pinterest style boards. You can either meet in your local store or via phone or email.
The stylist can help you with a special occasion (mother of the bride?) or a complete wardrobe makeover!
Appt. is complimentary.
Book Online

nordstrom personal stylistNORDSTROM
You may be aware Nordstroms is known for excellent customer service which goes above and beyond. I personally love the way the departments are curated, so I can breeze in and out to find what I’m looking for. There’s no question you get exceptional personal attention here and their personal stylists/shoppers go a step further. The benefit of using a Nordstrom stylist is your choice of hundreds of brands, whether you’re into JAG jeans or haute couture. Personal shopping services are in store only.
Services are complimentary.
Book at any store

jcrew personal stylistJ CREW
J Crew has long been a favorite retailer of mine. I’ve been with them through preppy and back again. Still a great go to resource for nice quality tees and the occasional statement jacket or sweater. J Crew’s Very Personal Stylist program is super flexible, which is great if you don’t live close to a store or don’t have the time to pop in. Shipping is free and they will ship clothes to you to try on in the comfort of your own home, which I love. Let’s face it who loves the way they look in store mirrors?
Services are complimentary
Book online

stitch fix personal stylistSTITCHFIX
I’ve heard raves and rants about this online service. The way it works is this. You’re assigned a stylist after you fill out a questionnaire online. You’re sent a box with 5 items of clothing. You only pay for what you decide to keep. Shipping is free both ways. The beauty of this service is a full range of sizing from Petite to 24W. To get the right mix for you Stitch Fix asks you to share social profiles and a short bio on what your style vibe is or what you would like it to become! You’re charged an initial $20. styling fee which is credited towards any purchase.
Services are complimentary if you spend at least $20.
Book Online

trunk club personal stylistTRUNK CLUB
Trunk Club is a Nordstrom company, so right away you know you’re in good hands. Trunk Club is the online version of a Nordstrom personal shopper. Similar to StitchFix, you’re sent a box after filling out a style questionnaire and talking to your stylist. There is a $25. trunk fee which is credited towards your final purchase. You set the price point and budget. Best of all you can take advantage of the famous Nordstrom’s alteration services.
Services are complimentary if you spend at least $25.
Book Online

The bottom line? If you enjoy shopping at Nordstroms, you’ll feel comfortable with their in store personal shopper or a Trunk Club stylist. Same goes for Anthropologie or J Crew. If you feel comfortable with those brands you’ll have a head start. Stitch Fix works with up to 250 brands, so chances are you may get introduced to a new line you never knew about. Perfect if you’re ready for a total wardrobe reboot.

Whichever personal shopper you choose, the more you work with one stylist the better they’ll begin to understand your shape, style and wardrobe requirements. The reverse is true. If you and your stylist just aren’t clicking, move on and find one who does understand you and your closet.

Take a peek at some of my style favorites here.








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