6 Months in England Guide


Live in England for up to 6 months as a part time resident with this expert Guide. Know what to expect, how to get there, transportation options, where to stay, what to take plus culture tips to make the most of your experience.


Wouldn’t it be nice to explore the history, culture and lifestyle of England at your leisure?

US citizens can stay in England for up to 6 months! Why not take advantage of this rule to become a part time resident?

I’ve been traveling back and forth from the US to the UK for decades and living here since 2019, so I know how wonderful life is here.

Why not come and stay? Now’s the time to take your dreams seriously!

My newly updated 6 Months in England Guide will help you to plan and prepare. Learn from an experienced insider who’s been where you want to go. With the benefit of my expertise, you don’t need to make costly mistakes or waste precious time .

52 p Guide to Living in England for up to 6 Months

  • What to expect as a part time resident,: what you can and can’t do. Banking, utilities, rentals and mail services
  • Getting to England: Flight tips, baggage, sample fares, best transportation options, car rentals etc
  • Where to stay: my handpicked list of towns and cities I recommend¬† including local rental agencies
  • What to bring: what to pack, what to prepare for, shopping resources
  • Culture: what to expect from English culture, what NOT to do
  • Helpful links to UK resources

I’ve packed everything I know and learned from living here to help you make the most of your visit! View it on your browser, phone or print it out (it’s in easy to read PDF format).

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