Say Yes to Embracing Our Age and Style

embrace your age

Embrace Your Age and Style

I believe when you’re over fifty you inspire others by staying fashion conscious, embracing your age and style.

We tread that fine line between maintaining a youthful attitude without looking like we’re trying too hard. You know what I mean. We owe it to ourselves and every generation to be a shining example of what it means to grow older by embracing our age.

Let’s show the young how embracing your age is done.

We can be a perfect example that you can dismiss the decades, look gorgeous and be an influencer. To be a positive influence, we have to keep in mind we’re not dressing for anyone else but ourselves. BUT, there are some exceptions.

I do have some pet peeves about what NOT to wear as you age. I love to be comfortable too, but it shouldn’t be the only deciding factor when deciding what to wear. Whenever possible I love to find styles that are comfortable AND make me feel chic and stylish.

My mantra? If I feel great wearing it, it stays in my closet! If I don’t, out it goes!

Take a look through your closet and say:

YES to
  • A neutral floppy sun hat
  • A pretty tone scarf stylishly draped
  • A pair of trendy walking shoes
  • A chic hobo bag
  • Flattering one piece swimsuit
and NO thank you to
  • Sun hats with neck flaps
  • Overly bright floral scarf
  • “Comfort shoes”
  • Too big, too glittery handbags
  • Too revealing two piece swimsuit

I did say it was a fine line – you get to decide what works best for you. Just make sure it makes you feel great about embracing your age.


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