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How Self Confidence Ensures Your Heart’s Desire

Updated October 30, 2023

I define self confidence as complete acceptance of oneself. Having the confidence to be yourself in any situation takes time and practice but it’s a sure path to always get what your heart needs.

Why? Because once you master the art of self confidence you won’t think twice about pursuing exactly what you want. You believe you’re worthy of getting what you need.

Self confidence allows you to walk into any room or situation without fear.

It’s natural to have doubts about what lies ahead when it’s unknown. But with self confidence you’re sure you can handle whatever comes up.

Self confidence grows through experience and yes growing older. With decades of practice, your self confidence naturally grows. You’ve accomplished so much and slayed so many dragons! I think Lao Tzu says it best.

Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.
– Lao Tzu

How Do You Gain Self Confidence?

  • Be the physical embodiment of confidence. When you walk with your head held up and look people in the eye when you talk to them it projects confidence. Smile and engage with good conversation. Speak with genuine purpose and also listen with real intent. Choose topics that light you up and speak as if you expect to be heard. I’m not advocating arrogance, but instead a gentle authority. Choose to be confident about a subject or topic you’re passionate about. Expect to be heard!
  • Dress like you expect to be taken seriously. If you’re boarding a flight, meeting a colleague or looking for funding, step up your wardrobe game. While you’re working on self confidence, dressing like you mean it gives us a subtle boost of strength. Superficial as it may be it helps us feel more confident. Always make an effort and wear the best you can afford. Donate or toss things from your wardrobe that don’t make you feel fabulous. This one little trick can make all the difference to how you feel around others and when you look in the mirror.
  • Be positive. It’s impossible to feel confident if you’re thinking negative thoughts. Try not to surround yourself with people who have a negative or critical mindset! Cultivate relentless positivity. Smiling is a huge precursor to confidence and feeling good. Ground yourself in positive thoughts. In our culture a smile is naturally accepted as a trait of confidence. Start by smiling as a way of setting your mood. Smile because you’re choosing to feel happy even when you might not feel you have a whole lot to smile about.
  • Practice self love. Taking care of yourself is the definition of self confidence. Don’t you assume anyone who schedules a spa day or turns down over-booking themselves is confident? Making your needs a priority means you believe you’re worth it and that’s the definition of self confidence.
  • Accept yourself as you are.  Self awareness is a cornerstone of self confidence. The truth is there is no other you and there will never be anyone just like you. You are truly unique and special. Take time to dig deep and discover your unique talents and abilities. The more you embrace and accept your positive traits, the more self confident you’ll become.

No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy
– Paris Hilton

When you’ve cracked the code of becoming self confident, you can pretty much have anything your heart desires.  A self assured woman always makes a better lover, friend, mother or boss. She’s able to give without needing to get. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t need anything or anyone, it just means she accepts responsibility for making herself happy. What does self confidence mean to you?

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