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Smart Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women Who Love Comfort

Updated September 5, 2023
Waterproof Walking shoes for Women

Stomping around Stourhead in my Le Chameau wellies.

I’m starting to hunt for a new pair of waterproof walking shoes because …. it’s autumn!

The rainy season will be here and colder temps aren’t far behind.  I’ve just about worn out the waterproof Blondo boots I brought from the US. My non-waterproof Puma sneakers are now the worse for wear from puddles and mud.

It’s worth spending a little more to get good quality footwear.

After all, the older we get, the more we count on our feet and the more we need to pamper them. You know I’m right.

It doesn’t mean I won’t look for a good deal or sale. Oh DSW I miss you so! I did blow the budget on my Le Chameau wellington boots (above), but worth it. Comfortable, classic British style and unbeatable for wet weather walks.

I’ve picked these stylish waterproof shoes because they’re perfect for the wet weather we get here in England. I bet they’re equally versatile for those of you who live in Seattle, Dallas or Nashville!

Whether you’re looking for a super practical hiking boot for hills or a smart waterproof boot to wear with a dress or in town, I’ve got you covered.

Waterproof Walking Shoes for Women

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