What’s Your Food Kryptonite?

What is your food kryptonite? Harmful to your diet? Mine is sugar. I crave a sugar rush after almost every meal, except breakfast. So if dessert isn’t on the menu I panic!

You probably already know fat free goodies like cookies are no bueno, but for a sugar addict like myself, they seemed heaven sent. Permission to snarf cookies and the promise of losing weight. Woohoo! But it turns out the substitution of sugar for fat doesn’t fool our bodies one iota.

Once I started eating fat – good fat like real butter and olive oil – and dropped the empty carbs, I dropped pounds. To this day, I believe good fat is OK as long as you don’t smear it on carbs like bread and pasta.

Although they can be super yummy together, carbs and fats aren’t a healthy combo for keeping the weight off. Protein and fats are closer to the ideal balance. Add vegetables to a protein fats combo and you’re eating closer to what your body is equipped to digest and assimilate naturally. Sound like deprivation? Steak and salad qualifies and so does a chicken caesar salad (without the croutons of course). Just make sure your dressing is pure oil based.

food kryptonite

What’s your food kryptonite. Is it sugar or fat. Alcohol or coffee?

My guess is it’s closely related to a favorite treat you enjoyed at the family dining table. In our family chocolate reigned supreme. I have memories of the Cadburys’ chocolate fingers coming out when a precious pet passed away. That’s why they call it comfort food!

There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself, just know it’s where you’ll need to pay attention if you’re trying to watch your weight, because it can be your downfall. If you do have a treat, make sure you’re really enjoying it. Ask yourself if you really want that cookie, or is it just a habit to reach for when you really want comfort?

By all means have that piece of chocolate or a cookie, but savor it. You don’t need the whole chocolate bar to get a nice little sweet fix. Know the line between treating yourself and over indulging. Find your sweet spot!





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