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When You’re Ready to Travel – a Homestay for Over 50 Females

Updated June 13, 2023

Ready to start thinking of your next adventure or how you’ll make the most of the rest of this beautiful life? Perhaps joining a community such as a homestay for over 50 females is the answer.

What are you doing with the rest of your life and how will you make the most of it? 

Have you given some thought to the future while your life has been turned upside down this past year?  I think getting back to spending time with others is top of the list n’est ce pas? Those little interactions and connections we took for granted seem pretty special now, don’t they?

I believe experiences are more important than things. Don’t we already have most of the stuff we need? The one thing we need more of is adventure, friendship and something to look forward to. Companionship and camaraderie is what we’ve really been missing.

Homestay for Over 50 Females

I discovered SisterStay, a homestay community for 50+ females and its founder Sue-Anne, on Instagram. Immediately the concept resonated with me. Of course I wanted to share it with you, because I’m all about making travel easy and fun. When you’re ready to venture back into the world, won’t it be wonderful to have a friend at the other end!

Recently I chatted with Sue-Anne to find out more about how it all works:

Homestay for Over 50 Females

Why SisterStay was conceived

SisterStay’s founder, Sue-Anne; is a 56 year old wife and mum of 3 grown boys. She’s an Aussie who’s been living in England for 30 years after having originally trained as a Japanese translator and interpreter!

She focused on her family for a long while before realising, as her youngest got ready to leave home, that she needed a new role; one that would reflect the passion she feels for life, travel and connecting with new people.

The idea was hatched to create a community for women over 50 so they could explore mid life wanderlust, mindful escapes and delayed dreams. Get out of the house, away from the spouse and explore new places with like minded females. Traveling solo can be daunting but not when you’re able to meet up with a friend at the other end! 

An Affordable Friendly Way for 50+ Females to Travel

SisterStay is for the over 50 female who’s ready to leave the nest to get out and explore her world. She realizes how much more fulfilling and interesting her life – and she – will be when she’s willing to get out of her comfort zone. 

If you like the idea of traveling but don’t want to go solo or just love the idea of meeting new friends on your travels, this community is custom designed for you. No need to feel invisible or sit and watch life pass you by when you can travel, meet new friends and unleash your inner globetrotter. 

Of course if you just want to explore your own country, that’s the perfect place to start!

A Different Type of Homestay Site

SisterStay is exclusively for 50 plus females who are ID verified, which makes it unique. Other homestays like Airbnb and Homestay  accept anyone 18/21+ without taking the extra step to verify identity. Which may mean you’re never really sure who your host (or guest) is! 

By verifying each member, SisterStay ensures you feel that extra level of safety that’s so important when you’re traveling alone. 

Another special feature is the cost per night. It stays the same no matter which property you book into. No high season or special weekend rates. Which makes indulging your wanderlust so affordable!

What’s the Cost to Sign up to SisterStay? 

SisterStay is free to join and create a host or guest listing. (this may change in the future but as of January 2021 there’s no cost to sign up with SisterStay.) There are no ongoing charges. You’re only charged when you book a stay on the website.

What’s the Cost of a Homestay?

One of the unique aspects of SisterStay is the nightly rate. It’s always a flat £36  (equivalent to $49. | €40) per night.  This includes breakfast.

No matter which homestay or country you stay in, the rate stays the same. Once you book online, you’ll pay with most major credit cards, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Your country’s currency is converted at the point of payment.

In case you’re wondering, 80% of this fee goes to the host and the remaining 20% covers the cost of CC processing and maintaining the SisterStay website. Want to earn a little extra pocket money or meet new friends? SisterStay guarantees all your guests are 50+ females who’ve been ID verified. 

Why is ID-verification Used and How Does It Work?

When you apply to join you’ll be asked for an official photo ID and recent proof of address (utility bill or statement) which is then matched up with a face to face live chat. 

Currently Sue-Anne is performing the ID-verifications herself and I can tell you it took no more than 5-10 minutes at most when I did it. While Sue-Anne makes sure all guests/hosts are who they say they are, you have the chance to ask any questions and find out more about SisterStay.

Define Homestay for Me – What Can Guests Expect?

Staying with SisterStay is like staying with a friend.  Sign up as a host or guest, depending on your circumstances.


You can choose to be an active host if you have the room and enjoy sharing your home. There are 3 levels of hosting where you can always count on a friendly 50+ female at the other end to welcome you.

Meeter/greeter – Will be there when you arrive and at the end of the day, but may not be available during the day due to work or other commitments
Part time buddy – This host has more availability and may offer to take you to local landmarks or have lunch with you for example.
Champion – Champion hosts are available to be fully involved with your stay if that’s your preference. 


Those members who don’t have the space to be a host or have other commitments can sign up as GUESTS. Guests are interested in travel and meeting new friends through staying with other SisterStay hosts.

SisterStay aims to have about 60/40 hosts/guests since most hosts also travel.


  • Yes there’s a feedback system for hosts to rate guests and vice versa. Thumbs up or down. It’s a self checking system which lets you find out more about whether you and your host will be compatible.
  • SisterStay hosts are not hoteliers or even Airbnb style hosts. They’re real women who are open to inviting other females into their home for friendship and community. Plus a little extra pocket money! 
  • For each hosted listing, the host will list available amenities, such as hairdryers and A/C (air-con). Also noted will be their ability to cater for different dietary restrictions or even guests traveling with pets.
  • After you’re signed up, the best advice is use the SisterStay website’s chat facility to connect with the host you’re thinking of booking with. Makes sense right?  Once you both feel comfortable about booking, the host and guest can exchange personal details through the website.
  • Don’t forget only 50+ females are invited to stay, which means no relatives, partners or children. But then the whole point is to do your own thing and have a fun new experience! However SisterStay members can travel together if a host is able to accommodate more than one guest at a time.

Homestay for Over 50 Females

Which Countries Can I Stay In?

SisterStay was started in 2019 for homestays in the UK, but has recently opened it’s doors to overseas members (subject to successful ID-verification). Due to unavoidable language barriers this may exclude some countries, but recent hosts have joined from Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, the USA and Australia.

The SisterStay Mission

I think we all want to make the most of our over 50’s, don’t we?  Life is precious and we want to thrive, not just survive. With travel on hold for the past year, it’s more important than ever to grab the chance to experience new adventures as soon as it’s safe to travel again.

Sue-Anne’s personal mission is to connect 50+ females. Through travel and meeting new friends she wants us to explore the best of life. I think it’s wonderful to have a thriving community of women visiting each other all over the world. Whether you’re staying, hosting or hopefully doing both, here’s an exciting way to start your next adventure now.

SisterStay is a fun and friendly global homestay community for ID-verified females over 50. Join Now


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