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Buy Your Crowning Glory


We all know our hair is supposed to be our crowning glory. No pressure there! What happens if you’re having a bad hair day? Or even a lifetime of bad hair?

I’ve been blessed or cursed with what I call English hair. It is both curly/frizzy in humidity in addition to being fine and oily. Did I mention fine to the point of perfect for threading through a needle! Adding insult to injury as I approached my forties my hairline started receding along with any lingering hopes I might have to rock a full head of thick hair.

Hairdressers would often want ask nervously if they could cut it short while gently reminding me long layers would have to do.

Looking back I realized it’s all relative. I certainly had more hair in my thirties and forties than I do now but what’s the use of looking in the rearview mirror – it’s gone. Or so I thought.

How to Choose a Hair Piece

About the time a landmark birthday was looming I read an article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram that changed my life. Or at least my hair life. It focused on one woman who owned a rotating wardrobe of hair pieces to supplement her own hair!

Apparently more than half of Hollywood uses hair augmentation on and off the red carpet! Ever seen a male actor with a suspiciously full head of hair when he’s well into his fifties or sixties? Aha. Now you know the secret. Event the guys are doing it.

 I’m about to tell you the secret to having your very own crowning glory.

Get yourself a hair piece; either human or synthetic.

It’s literally changed my life. I found a hairpiece or topper as they’re called as I was fast approaching my milestone birthday. After booking an afternoon in a wig salon, I tried on piece after piece until the perfect one said “Hi, I’m your hair salvation, take me home!”

This piece was a little darker than my own highlighted hair but the minute I tried it on I knew it was the one. It worked really well with my skin tone and best of all when I wore it I got endless compliments on how good my hair looked. It goes to show people (men) usually don’t pay much attention 😉

Google “hair pieces or hair extensions” to find your own perfect hair.

My first topper was by Rene of Paris and cost under $80.00 at the time, although it’s gone up in price since. Although this topper is not mono – which means individually hand tied with a more natural part – it has other redeeming features. It has just the right amount of curl.  I trim it or have my hairdresser cut it to frame my face and blend in with the length of my own hair.

Toppers typically have four to five clips that snap and clip on to your own hair. If you find you have very little hair to clip on to there’s some fabulous wigs out there too. Be prepared to experiment a little with styling them, cutting them and feeling comfortable in one. Your perfect “crown” should immediately feel right when you put it on.

You’ll feel a little self conscious when you first start wearing your hair piece or topper. Mine was longer and thicker than my own hair. I took awhile for me not to feel self-conscious wearing it.

Although you know it’s not the real you, chances are no one else will even notice. Supplementing your own hair gives you options. You may not wear your new look every day, but a special occasion crowning glory gives you the chance to look and feel your best. Say goodbye to bad hair days and hello to “Wow, I love your hair”!

Here’s some of my favorite hair pieces and wigs for you to try.

Top Perfect Hairpiece

Long Top Hairpiece

Soft + Subtle Wig

Top Choice Hairpiece

Top Level Hairpiece

Raquel Welch Wig









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