Find the Perfect English Home

Are you ready to embrace a new life abroad in the UK?  England possesses an incredible wealth of natural beauty, history and culture. The fact that it’s tied up in a very civilized lifestyle package makes it a compelling  place to call home!

Perhaps you’ve been on the property portals. How’s that working for you?  Yes you could buy a home sight unseen but it’s a big financial commitment to spin the dice.

Or you could fall in love with a house, but is it the right location? With so many delightful corners of England, how do you decide?

Will you have access to the services you require, such as…

  • Local broadband or internet speed
  • Public transportation options such as train stations
  • Accessible GP (health care) or ER facility
  • Responsive local police force and crime stats

Your Property Finder

I’ve had my real estate license in two states, worked on a real estate portal and run a successful home staging business. Oh and I love property!

Let’s start with a 90 minute call on Whatsapp to discuss your desired criteria and timeline. We’ll cover budget and narrow down 2-3 ideal locations to start our search.

Next steps.

If you’re out of the area, I’ll attend viewings on properties you’re seriously interested in. Along with my recommendations on the area you’ll get my feedback on other criteria you’re considering, such as local schools, golf courses etc.

Benefits of a Property Finder

  • Peace of mind – An accountable agent to keep everything on track – in GMT
  • Cultural differences – I understand how to get results
  • US work ethic – Once you move here you’ll understand how valuable this is.  I’m not afraid to ask questions, I don’t take no for an answer and I get results.

Real estate agents or estate agents aren’t licensed in England and are obligated to work for the seller or vendor. In the US it’s understood this creates a conflict of interest for you as a buyer.  This is why it’s SO important to have someone to act on your behalf when buying property here!

Check out my credentials, visit my Youtube channel and when you’re ready to take the next step, get in touch.