UK Move Abroad Consultation


Book a one hour move abroad consultation to get advice on whether to move to England as a temporary or permanent resident. As an American expat with decades of travel experience who lives in the UK, I can advise and reassure you. This offer is for a one hour (or more) call on Whatsapp. We’ll discuss your moving abroad related questions and your best options.


Dreaming of moving abroad to England but not sure where to start?

I have dual citizenship with the US and UK and can offer you the benefit of my experience and expertise. Moving to the UK from the US isn’t for everyone, but I have first hand experience and help you determine if it’s right for you.

As I live in England, I’m in the perfect position to answer any questions you have about what to expect from a move here. I’m also able to call any local authorities, estate agents, short term rentals and more on your behalf.

Let me help you save money and time and take the confusion out of moving here on a part time or permanent basis.

Keep in mind, I’m not able to offer legal expertise. This is intended as general advice to get you started.  If you have complex questions I’ll refer you to a reputable tax or immigration attorney.

You’re purchasing a one hour call on Whatsapp to discuss any UK moving abroad related questions you have. Once you’ve purchased,  you’ll receive a link to book a time. Be sure to include your email and Whatsapp number in your order!

It’s easy to add additional hours by adjusting quantity.

Take the stress out of moving or considering a move to the UK.

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