UK Move Abroad Consultation


Book a move abroad consultation with me. Break through your moving roadblocks, doubts and get clarity on what your next step is. As an American expat with decades of travel & relocation experience, allow me to help.  This offer is for a 90 minute call on Whatsapp to discuss how moving abroad can transform your life.


Dreaming of moving abroad but not sure where to begin? I’m a dual US/UK citizen and moving and relocation expert with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I offer a blend of coaching and consulting. An objective sounding board who’s able to offer actionable steps.

Keep in mind, I’m not able to offer legal expertise but general informative opinion and advice to help get the ball rolling.  Complex questions can be answered by a tax or immigration attorney.

Your purchase includes (1) 90 minute call on Whatsapp.

Once you’ve purchased a call,  you’ll receive a link to book a time on Calendly.

Don’t forget to include your email and Whatsapp number in your order!

Take the stress out of moving or considering a move to the UK and get started moving forward with your dream today. Add to cart and purchase now.

Undecided? Start with a free 15 minute chat to discuss your travel or moving goals! BOOK YOUR SLOT



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