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From London to Paris on the Eurostar Train

Updated March 28, 2024
London to Paris on the Eurostar

The iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris

Wondering how to get from London to Paris?  I highly recommend taking the Eurostar train for a fast yet relaxing and eco friendly option.

If you move to England, that means easier access to Europe’s amazing sights and culture … a huge bonus! With Eurostar you can be in Paris in less than 2 1/2 hours, so even a day trip is possible. Watch a movie onboard, relax, have a bite to eat and get ready to flirt in French~

London to Paris on the Eurostar FAQ

  • St. Pancras International rail station is the only Eurostar terminal in central London
  • Eurostar terminates in Paris at Gare du Nord station in the 10th Arrondissement
  • The train travels at speeds of up to 200 mph
  • Currently there are 14 trains per day between Paris and London
  • The journey from London to Paris is approximately 2 hrs 30 minutes
  • The Channel tunnel is 31.4 miles long and was completed in 1994
  • London to Paris train cost: fares start at $75. round trip

Check fares and departures here: Eurostar


London to Paris on the Eurostar

The Meeting Place at London St Pancras

London to Paris on the Eurostar: FAQ

1. Best time to travel on Eurostar?

Morning departures are usually more expensive and getting to St. Pancras during “rush” hour in London can be challenging.

Why not, balance budget and convenience by booking a mid morning train instead. A 12 PM train arrives in Paris about 3 PM just in time to check in to your hotel.

2. What’s the history of St. Pancras station?

London St. Pancras International was built in 1868 and is not only a marvel of Victorian engineering, but one of the most beautiful stations in Europe.

It’s in central London and the go to station for routes to Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands.

If you have time, go up to the second floor and look around. There’s a swanky bar, hotel and artwork such as The Meeting Place; a 30 ft high, 20 ton statue evoking the romance of two lovers meeting at the station.

St. Pancras International is also home to Europe’s longest Champagne bar!

Why not book a hotel with free Wi-fi close to St. Pancras station for a stress free connection?

3. Is there beverage and food service on Eurostar?

Yes you can buy snacks and drinks on the train throughout your journey. Alternatively grab your own food to take on board with you from the Marks & Spencers foodhall in the station.

Otherwise you’ll find a full selection of bars and restaurants on the lower concourse of the station to have a bite before you leave.

4. How soon should I check in to Eurostar?

Once you’re in St. Pancras look for the Eurostar check in point. I’d suggest planning to arrive no later than one hour ahead of your departure to allow for customs and security. Allow more time for busy travel periods such as holidays.

5. What travel documents do I need to board Eurostar?

You’ll need to show your passport, ticket and any entry documents that are required by France. The Eurostar website has extensive details of what’s needed before boarding.

London to Paris on the Eurostar

Eurostar train from London to Paris

6. What is the Eurostar boarding process like?

You’ll go through a quick customs check by French authorities and pass your bags through the security scanner. Once you are through the check in point, walk towards the “gate” area to wait until you’re called to board your train.

Once your boarding is called, you’ll walk out to your numbered carriage (on your ticket), board to find your seat and stow your luggage.

7. How many bags am I allowed to take on Eurostar?

Your ticket includes 2 bags per person (up to 85cm long). As long as your luggage is within this allowance you don’t need to check it in. There’s no weight restriction on Eurostar but you should be able to carry your bags onto the train on your own.

8. What time zone is Paris in?

Paris and France are one hour ahead of London GMT, so keep that in mind for arrivals.

Browse and research Paris hotels and things to do!


9. How long does it take to go through the tunnel?

Once you enter the tunnel you’ll be traveling under the English Channel for about 20 minutes. Once you’re through the tunnel you’re in France and passing through the French countryside for another hour before reaching the outskirts of Paris.

london to paris on the eurostar

Gare du Nord station – where Eurostar arrives in Paris

9. What happens once I arrive in Gare du Nord station?

Once you arrive, you’ll just step off the train and walk out of the station- you’ve already gone through customs in England.

On my most recent trip I heard an overhead notification on Eurostar that customs is now in place as the UK has left the EU but I saw no sign of customs on arrival at Gare du Nord. Be prepared to have your passport ready if required.

10. How do I get to my hotel or onward from Gare du Nord station?

I’d recommend taking a taxi from the station unless you’re comfortable taking the Metro (subway) or bus via public transportation.  To hail a taxi simply walk out of the station, turn right and join the line at the taxi rank at the side of the station. If you get off the train quickly, you’ll be at the head of the line/queue.

You can also travel onward to other Paris rail stations using a taxi, Metro or bus. For example on a recent trip I had to get to Montparnasse station to continue my train journey to the southwest of France and I chose to hail a taxi.

For an onward journey from Paris, book as far in advance as possible for the best fare. Go ahead and use Trainline to book from London.  Let’s say you’re heading for Poitiers in the Charentes area of southwest France. On Trainline you can buy a Eurostar ticket from London St Pancras as well as one for the ongoing TGV train from Paris Montparnasse. I find the app is so helpful for planning. I can attest that 1 hour is just enough time to get from Gare du Nord to Montparnasse as long as you have a speedy taxi driver!

Book a hotel near Gare du Nord station or perhaps the Eiffel Tower?

For alternative routes to travel to France other than Eurostar, try my other recommendations.

I’d highly recommend Eurostar for travel to Paris. Train travel is so much more relaxing than catching a flight. You’re not wasting time getting to an airport 2-3 hours ahead of time and you don’t have to check bags. Or liquids!

Once you’re in France why not check out my favorite  neighborhood? Rue Cler is the perfect introduction to Paris and within walking distance to the iconic Eiffel Tower!

Don’t forget to book a hotel with free Wi-fi close to St. Pancras station for your return.

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