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How to Restart Your Midlife in 5 Practical Steps


How to Restart your Midlife Mojo

What do I mean by restarting your mojo at midlife? Mojo is that indefinable quality that attracts people to you. Think of it as the magic spell you cast!

Once we bump into our fifties, it can feel like we’ve lost that special sauce that made us unique. The zest and zip has fizzled out a little. Do you know what I mean?

Being fifty doesn’t have to mean feeling stuck. Who says we have to fear moving forward? We don’t have to have a midlife crisis.

Why can’t our middle years be the time to restart all those dreams we’ve put on hold?

Getting your mojo back is the key to a happy midlife. It’s that magic you felt when you were younger and invincible. How about dancing into the next decades oozing confidence and charisma. Let’s dance!

How do we flip the fear of aging to become more sure of ourselves. Is it possible to start over at 50?

Keep a daily habit of reaching for positive thoughts with a little planner.

1. Reinventing our inner life is the key to a midlife restart.

Let’s remember, as women we give life and we run the world. We pretend we don’t have any power, but we do. History tells us there were goddesses before gods. If you’re like me, you’ve rolled your eyes at the notion you could be a goddess. But believe it.

Being a goddess means embracing your natural inner power. You were born with it and you never lost it. Just like Wonder Woman. Being over fifty doesn’t dilute your magnificence; if anything it celebrates it.

2. Reinventing your love life means letting go of the past.

Midlife sex should still rock our boats. Don’t let it go by the wayside if it’s important to you. If it doesn’t thrill you, keep a smile on your face and let everyone wonder what’s really going on.

Cuddling, connection and love can fill our hearts and souls. Be open to all types of love; from your partner, children, family and friends; old and new. Now more than ever, remind yourself how worthy you are of love.

3. Reinventing your look means matching the outside with the inside.

Now’s the time to take a fresh look at what really works and what’s flattering. It may mean going up or down a size. Trying new stores. Getting a new hairdresser and a new hairstyle. Yes, change!

To reinvent your look; focus on color and fit. Choose shades to flatter your current skin and hair. Fit is more important than ever. Show off the good stuff and know how to disguise everything else.

4. Reinventing our home at mid life is not just downsizing.

It can mean moving, downsizing, upsizing, living abroad or changing the home we’re in. Our home contains many memories. Now’s the time to really take stock of how your current home feels to you. If it doesn’t feel good when you walk through the door, be open to change.

I want you to feel like you can’t wait to get home because your home is a reflection of you, it nurtures and supports you, shelters and comforts you.

5. Reinventing and restarting your mid life.

You’re an independent, intelligent and aware woman who’s over fifty. You’re looking for ways to make the next decades matter and you’re willing to dig deep for answers.

These days and years ahead count. Now’s the time to look inward and ask ourselves if we’re willing to make changes and maybe live a little outside our comfort zone.

Living outside our comfort zone is where everything happens. It’s where you decide to move across country to be closer to loved ones, or move across the world. It’s where you decide to start a new business or leave your partner. It’s where you decide you deserve to be a happy goddess.

Restarting your life is always possible if you want it enough. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting over at 60 years old. Make these years count, don’t give up or give in!




I created HOF to inspire women over 50 to follow their dreams. Whether you’d love to move abroad, travel to Europe or just reboot your midlife, it’s never too late to start over and create a life you love!

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  1. February 17, 2021 / 2:05 AM

    Love the post. Very easy to read and many excellent points! A few that I am currently working on.

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