Why Downsizing Will Change Your Life for the Better


Do you want to know why downsizing is such a game changer? If we make a conscious choice to live for experiences instead of possessions we can really live in the moment, the present – instead of our past!

We’ll have more time to have fun with less time spent cleaning. Enjoy lower utility bills and lower mortgage payments. Or perhaps no payment! That works for me.

What Do I Mean by Downsizing?

Downsizing can mean moving into a smaller home while also getting rid of possessions that won’t fit in your new space. It can mean deliberately choosing to live with less, both materially and physically. Either way it’s a choice to live differently.

If you’ve always lived in a large home, you know what that entails. It’s a lot of work. When you’re over fifty, doesn’t our focus shift to working less and enjoying our time more?

A smaller home is easier to manage and run and can be more energy efficient. Who wants to clean 5 bedrooms and baths when you’re only using 1 or 2?

Susan Susanka wrote a transformative book “The No So Big House” in 2009 which made a persuasive argument in favor of smaller homes vs MacMansions. Her book asked the question, is “more” really better or can we “have it all” just in a small package?

Obviously there is intentional downsizing and unintentional downsizing (which isn’t much fun). It’s no surprise “The Not So Big House” was written during the economic crash when a lot of unintentional downsizing happened.


Downsizing is clearly a state of mind first before it’s a state of being. Choosing to downsize is more powerful than having it thrust upon you, but I believe either situation can be a catalyst for changing our lives for the better.

There is nothing more powerful than realizing your true home resides within you not outside of you. You don’t really need the walls, the sofa, the paintings or the brick. Of course aesthetics are important and I do appreciate a beautiful building and a lush garden space. It’s understood having a roof over your head falls under the category of basic human need for shelter. But.

What kind of roof? Does it matter if it covers 10,000 square feet or 1,000? Does one truly offer more shelter than another, or is it just our perception.

How Downsizing Changes Your Life

When we understand that we hold the key to our safety and security we need less. When we know we can be easily be happy in a smaller abode we lighten our load. When we feel secure we find we no longer need things to make us feel complete.

Change your life by thinking about what is really most important to you. Can it be contained in 1500 sq ft or less?

I went through a period of transition where everything I owned lived in a storage space. My big aha was realizing I didn’t really miss any of it!

Downsizing will change your life for the better if you take advantage of the opportunity to reassess your life and possessions. Once you realize your stuff doesn’t define you, the sky’s the limit. When it comes to what fits you, size doesn’t matter. All that matters is how you feel and you can feel powerful, protected and perfectly happy in an Airstream, a flat, a houseboat or a cottage if that’s what you choose.



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