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An Over Fifty Road Trip May Be Just What You Need

Updated October 30, 2023

Could a road trip be the answer to kick starting your new year self care routine?

road trip

It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re anticipating joyous get togethers or preparing to be on your own in a world often designed for couples and families, the holidays are here.

Have you ever spent Christmas alone?

I have. It wasn’t the worst experience I’ve been through, far from it. The expectation I put on myself that I should be spending it with loved ones was my biggest hangup.

Even if you celebrate with wild abandon, the end of another year may also make you feel a little blue. Memories of holidays past can come rushing back. Sometimes all it takes is sitting down to watch “A Christmas Story” or “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the umpteenth time.

Christmas tunes can also trigger the ghosts of Christmas’s past.

Holidays, December, winter and the ending of a year can be a wonderful time to celebrate, but they’re also a bittersweet reminder.

For women, it’s a time we associate with giving.

Giving of ourselves, our time, our love and our attention. We’re wired to give.

Too often we find it hard to set boundaries at this time of year. We’re not confident about saying no to one more request or one more “should”. “I should be making this a perfect time for everyone.” Sound familiar?

Before you stretch yourself thin trying to be the glue that holds the holidays, family and your wonderful life together what about thinking of YOU for a change?

  • What if you gave yourself a gift of time?
  • What if you pulled away long enough to breath and remember what’s important to you?
  • What if you took a mini solo road trip to reboot and reconnect with your soul.

Why a Road Trip May Be Just What You Need

I do some of my best thinking while driving or flying. Does it work for you too? I’ve found there’s something magical that happens when I’m traveling – time seems suspended. My mind responds by opening up. I get inspired!

Ever driven by yourself for a longish trip? What would happen if you planned a mini road trip for one. Could you use some downtime that’s just for you?

road trip

How would it feel to:

  • Plan something just because you need a break
  • Intentionally take yourself out of social media and being social for a few days.
  • Be able to get back in touch with what you’re really feeling
  • Check in with your inner knowing and guidance

If this sounds awesome, then you’re ready. This is taking self care to the next level. One step further than just going to the gym for an hour or taking a bath. Going on an intentional road trip to clear your mind and set your intentions may be just what you need at this time of year.

How to Make Your Holiday Road Trip Intentionally YOU

  1. Think about a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, but haven’t had the time. How long would it take to drive there?
  2. I believe you need at least two good days of out of pocket time to yourself, but more is OK. Give yourself enough time. Don’t rush or set yourself up for a marathon drive. You want to recharge not run out of gas!
  3. Make your destination something to look forward to but realize the journey is just as important.
  4. Road tripping solo can feel a little weird at times. Keep yourself on safe roads and out of big cities. There’s no reason not to feel safe.
  5. For those times when you need a break from your thoughts, load up some inspirational podcasts to listen to. Downloaded e-books or books on CD work well too.
  6. Plan to stop before it gets dark, in fact pre-plan where you’ll stay so you have a set destination. If you’re hitting the highways, pick a hotel chain you’re familiar with.
  7. It goes without saying your car needs to be road-worthy. Rent or hire a car if it will give you extra peace of mind.
  8. Take some yummy snacks and drinks like water and juices to keep you hydrated.
  9. Don’t try too hard to work out your worries or concerns while you’re on the road. Just let your mind go. Think of it as moving meditation.
  10. Make sure you let someone know when you leave and when you expect to arrive.

If you’ve never driven hundreds of miles by yourself, it may seem awkward or self centered to plan a solo road trip.

Trust me you can do this. We’re not talking Thelma and Louise, oh no. Just a nice drama-free road trip for one to clear the cobwebs and maybe set some intentions.

Whether you plan your soul road trip before the holidays or in the new year, I hope you find your way.

Your road trip is about you reconnecting with you. By taking time for yourself and honouring your need for independence, you’re giving yourself the best gift of all. Don’t be afraid of being alone. Know that you have everything it takes to do this.

I’d love to hear where your journey took you!

Here’s a handy road trip planner to get started.

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