6 Top Tips for Sightseeing in London

Updated July 5, 2022

One of the most exciting, diverse and immersive cities in the world, there’s a reason why more than 19 million tourists visit London every year. But when it comes to a flying visit – or a stay where you want to see and do everything – how can you pack all that sightseeing in? With our six top tips for sightseeing in London, getting to see and experience all you want to is easier than you might think. Read on to get some inspiration, and find out how to do London the right way:

1. Make a list of everything you want to see, and plan how to get there

The first mistake anyone makes when travelling to London is not having an idea of exactly what they want to see. Taking the time in advance to decide what you want to do when you’re there is the ideal place to start. From that point, it’s far easier to plan and understand the travel routes needed to get to specific locations, and even know the time to get from one sightseeing opportunity to the next.

2. Ensure you pack everything ready to go

While London has a wealth of shops and places to eat and drink, ensuring you pack well for traipsing around the capital on foot is vital. This means bringing a spare pair of comfortable shoes, just in case, and ensuring you’re stocked up on water – especially during the warmer days of the year. A lot of London is seen on foot, so preparing for that is the best tip you can use.

3. Buy tickets and passes in advance as and when you can

If you have solid plans to go see a show, visit a major attraction or visit a one-night-only event, it’s always recommended that you book ahead of time. Being spontaneous can be fun, but it can also mean you miss out on something you really wanted to do. Book tickets online to ensure you get to see all you want to and avoid disappointment during your visit.

4. Switch up accommodation to be near the next places you want to go

London is more extensive than many people think. As such, if you have specific plans to go to certain areas each day, then switching up accommodation might be the right choice for you. While it may require lugging around a little more baggage first thing, you’ll be grateful for the shorter journey back to your hotel at the end of the day. 

5. Don’t be afraid to go with the flow and try something unexpected

It can be easy when you’re visiting somewhere unfamiliar to stick with a pre-made itinerary. While some planning is a must if there are certain things you want to see, leaving space to explore and enjoy what the city has to offer is just as important. Whether it’s checking out the shops, enjoying a local market or visiting a museum you didn’t know existed, going off-script can be a great thing.

6. Understand that it all can’t be done in one day

If you try to do everything in one day, you’ll barely experience anything. Instead, split your sightseeing up a little to ensure you get the most out of London and enjoy all you get to see. London is bigger than many people think, and if you spend longer travelling than sightseeing, then you’re getting far less out of the day than you want.

Whatever your London plans are, following these top tips will ensure you’re reading and raring to go when it comes to getting that sightseeing in. Take it steady, have a plan and enjoy every minute. That’s all there is to it.


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