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From London to Paris on the Eurostar Train

eiffel tower paris
The iconic Eiffel Tower, Paris

Want to know how to get to Paris from London by train? The answer is simple, take the Eurostar train!

One of the reasons I decided to move to England was easier access to Europe’s amazing sights and culture. I’ve used Eurostar to head to Paris and Bruges and it couldn’t be easier.

Traveling from London St. Pancras station to Paris via the Eurostar is the most relaxing way to visit the City of Lights.

From London to the Paris Gare du Nord it’s a quick 2 hours 15 minute journey. Just time to relax, have a bite to eat and get ready to flirt in French~

Can you think of an easier way to travel right into the heart of Paris without worrying about catching a flight or picking up a rental car? Who needs airports, especially now!

london st pancras the meeting place
The Meeting Place at London St Pancras

Traveling from London to Paris Eurostar is affordable and relaxing too.

At $75. round trip and with more than 20 trips per day between the two capitols, it’s easy to book a time and fare that fits your schedule and budget.

To balance budget and convenience I opted to book a train leaving London about noon which arrived in Paris about 3 PM. Be sure to allow plenty of time to get from your hotel to St. Pancras station. By taking a later train, I avoided rush hour on the Underground and had plenty of time to mooch around the shops at the station.

London St. Pancras International was built in 1868 and is now the main station for routes to Europe including Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands. If you have time, do go up to the second floor and look around. There’s a swanky bar, hotel and artwork such as The Meeting Place; a 30 ft high, 20 ton statue evoking the romance of two lovers meeting at the station!

Although you can buy snacks and drinks on the train, we decided to grab our own food to go at the M&S (Marks & Spencers) in the station. You’ll find a full selection of bars and restaurants on the lower concourse of the station as well.

Look out for the Eurostar check in point and try to arrive at least an hour ahead of your departure time to go through customs and security. You’ll need to show your passport and ticket.

london to paris eurostar
Eurostar train from London to Paris

London to Paris Eurostar Train

  • Eurostar trains leave from St. Pancras International rail station in central London
  • The high speed railway connects London to Paris, Brussels, Avignon, Lille, Lyon and Marseille
  • Eurostar also stops at Ebbsfleet and Ashford International train stations between London and the tunnel
  • Trains travel at speeds up to 200 mph
  • The journey from London to Paris is approximately 2 hrs 30 minutes
  • The Channel tunnel is 31.4 miles long and was completed in 1994
  • London to Paris train cost: fares start at $75. round trip


London to paris eurostar
View of Les Invalides from our hotel near Rue Cler

Signage makes it easy to check in for the Eurostar train and boarding is similar to any train, with the exception you will go through a quick customs check and your carryon luggage is scanned on a belt.

Check in is fairly quick and painless compared to airport security. Once through the check in point you’ll walk out to your numbered carriage (on your ticket), board and find your seat.

I was very pleasantly surprised to see how clean and comfortable our train was; it turns our we were on one of the newer trains. There is onboard Wifi available, which we couldn’t get to work, but hopefully you won’t have that problem.

Paris is one hour ahead of London, so keep that in mind for arrival.

Trains travel up to 186 mph but you’re not aware of the speed, the ride is very smooth.

My hopes for pretty countryside both on the English side and once we got through the Chunnel were dashed. The journey is fairly flat and uninteresting from your window and it’s hard to even differentiate between the two countries.

london to paris eurostar
One of the pretty back streets in the Le Marais neighborhood of Paris

You may not be aware of going under the English Channel but once you enter the tunnel for a good 20 minutes, you’ll know! Before you know it you’ll be in France and start seeing signs for Paris.

Arriving in Paris by Eurostar was a bit anti-climatic; unfortunately railroad tracks don’t usually go though the nicest parts of town. But before you know it you’ll be arriving at Gare du Nord station.

Once you arrive, you’ll just step off the train and walk out as you’ve already gone through customs in England. If you’re heading for your hotel in Paris, I’d recommend taking a taxi from the station.  Our hotel recommended using either G7 or Alfa taxi.  Taxi is the same in English and French! To hail a taxi join the queue at the taxi rank at the side of the station.

I’d highly recommend Eurostar for your London to Paris trip. I don’t think you can ask more than a smooth, quick comfortable journey!  Ready for details on how I planned our two week trip with London, Paris and Edinburgh?






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