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What to Pack to Stay Warm on a UK Country Break

Updated March 24, 2023

Knowing what to pack as seasons change can be tricky. You want to take enough but not too much. You want to stay comfortable when nights turn chilly and days get unexpectedly windy or colder.

The secret is knowing how to make wearing layers work for you. I break it down here.

England and Britain’s variable weather throughout the year means you always need options. Layers give you options and allow you to add and subtract according to the weather and personal preferences.

Natural layers made from wool will get my vote every time for warmth without bulk. I personally know that a pair of wool socks and long sleeve thermal layer ( I own multiples!) will keep you toasty and comfortable no matter what the wind throws at you.

Weather Tips for England & Great Britain

  • Expect windy conditions but especially on the coast, hills, open countryside
  • Rain isn’t usually a heavy downpour, but an off and on light rain or mist
  • Temperatures are moderate with highs in the mid 50s F-60 and lows in the 40s F to 50s
  • The south of Great Britain can be 5-15 degrees warmer than the north (Scotland)
  • London is always warmer than anywhere else!

Close to the coast it’s warmer and windier; the further north you go the colder it gets, so add extra layers. I’ve personally chosen some of my favorite brands and looks for you to browse or shop!

What to Pack for Chilly Weather in the Country:

I’ve prepared this packing list for women, but guys can take cues from my recommendations too. It’s your choice to pack light or not, but this list should give you enough options for a long weekend or up to 10 days away. Staying in an Airbnb with washer/dryer will give you the flexibility of taking less.

Umbrellas are only good in a downpour because you want to keep your hands free don’t you.  A hat and weather proof jacket is your best option. But if you’re taking your backpack out for the day and have room for a foldable umbrella go for it.

What to Pack to Wear

(1) warm lightweight scarf
(2) long sleeve stretch and breathable  t-shirts
(1) light weight wool sweater
(1) sweatshirt hoodie
(1) down vest
(1) down jacket or windproof jacket
(1) warm hat to protect from wind, rain
(1) thicker stretch jogging pant
(1) stretch jeans
(2) walking shoes or trainers (waterproof boots if trail walking)
(2-3) slipper socks, undies, comfortable bra(s)
(1-2) sleep shirt or jammies
(1) lightweight jogging pants to relax in at the end of day

What to Pack for Beauty

  1. essential makeup
  2. shampoo/conditioner travel size
  3. body lotion
  4. eye makeup remover
  5. Q Tips
  6. face and body soap
  7. supplements/hormones/prescriptions
  8. nail clippers & file
  9. tweezers
  10. travel tissues
  11.  travel hairdryer/curling iron

What to Pack for Tech

  1. phone, tablet
  2. Kindle
  3. charger for phone/tablet/kindle
  4. plug adapter | converter for phone/tablet charge if needed
  5. cord and charging bag
  6. power bank

What to Pack Extras

  1. small water bottle
  2. energy bar, small bag of almonds/cashews
  3. travel apps on your phone to keep track of details
  4. small notebook | passwords

What to Pack IN

  1. wheeled suitcase carry on – this is the one I use personally, bought at Costco!
  2. backpack for day tripping
  3. small cross body bag

I have several Baggallini bags and they’ve worked really well for me. Try TJ Maxx to find them at a discount!

Pack Using 3 Main Colors

Sounds simple doesn’t it? When I ignore this, I get frustrated at trying to pull an outfit together once I get to my destination. My go to colors are BLUE, GREEN and WHITE. See how I combine them here.

Take a look at your closet. What colors do you already own that you can combine? If you stick to this three color combo you’ll find it a lot easier to pack and combine outfits at your destination. Here’s some color combo ideas:


English weather is always subject to change. Pack your layers and you’ll be prepared for whatever the day brings.

I’ve added a few more travel jacket options here.

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