What to Pack for an Autumn Country Break

View of the Needles off the coast of the Isle of Wight

What to Pack for an Autumn or Spring Country Break

After returning from a spur of the moment trip to the Isle of Wight, I’ve gained new appreciation for knowing what to pack for a cool weather break.

I have to admit I’m not good at making a habit of using a list to pack (like those shopping lists which never leave my pocket!), but I think travel is less stressful if you have a plan!

Packing lists are extremely personal. They’re a reminder of what we should take and a list is an easy formula for reducing those “damn, I forgot______” moments.

I believe just writing something down is the nudge we need to remember it on our own, even when we forget to take the list.

Knowing what to pack for an autumn country break in the UK is the key to comfort. If it’s autumn, temps can range from chilly to balmy, wet and dry. Plan on layering for your comfort level. Wind and rain can easily make you feel chilled if you’re not prepared.

Traveling in the south of England during September and October is:

  • Warmer than I expected with more sunny days than cloudy
  • Rain comes in short bursts or as extended periods of light mist
  • When clouds roll in, temperatures drop in relation to the wind
  • Near the coasts or up on hills? Windy.
  • Paths get really muddy

The closer to the coast, the warmer and windier; the further north you go the colder it gets, so adjust your packing accordingly.

I’m wearing the Eddie Bauer packable down jacket, Kut jeans and Pumas

What to pack for a Fall or Spring country break:

What to Pack – to Wear

– scarf
long sleeve t-shirt (2)
– light weight wool sweater
lightweight sweatshirt hoodie
– sweater coat for travel or dressing up
down vest
– down jacket or windproof jacket
– hat for wind, rain
– thicker stretch leggings
stretch jeans
– walking shoes or trainers (waterproof boots if trail walking)
– slipper socks, undies, comfortable bra,
– sleep t shirt
– lightweight jogging pants to relax in at the end of day

What to Pack – Beauty

– essential makeup
– shampoo/conditioner travel size
– body lotion
– eye makeup remover
– Q Tips
– face and body soap
– supplements/hormones/prescriptions
– nail clippers & file
– tweezers
– travel tissues

What to Pack – Tech 

– phone, tablet
– charger for phone/tablet
– outlet converter for phone/tablet charge if needed
mini travel hairdryer/curling iron

What to Pack – Extras

– small water bottle
– energy bar, small bag of almonds/cashews
– travel apps on your phone to keep track of details
– small notebook

What to Pack – Bags

– wheeled suitcase carryon
backpack for day tripping
– small cross body bag

eddie bauer womens down jacket

Packable Down Jacket

Athleta uptempo jersey top

Athleta Jersey Top

Athleta distance jogger pant

Athleta Plush Jogger

what to pack for an autumn country break
Bundled up for a walk over the Needles headland on the Isle of Wight.

Stretch Skinny Jean

Cargo Legging

Puma Suede Sneakers

Pack only what goes together.

Sounds simple doesn’t it? When I ignore this, I get frustrated at trying to pull an outfit together. Lately I’ve been packing navy blue, olive or dark green and white. Even down to my shoes as you can see!

Knowing what to pack for a fall or spring  break in the UK or Europe is a bit of wizardry. Being prepared for wind, rain and chill isn’t as hard as it sounds. Unless you’re planning on hiking outside for long periods, there is usually a pub, bus, train or car to duck into if the weather turns bad.

I’ve found umbrellas don’t really work because you want to keep your arms and hands free. It’s unlikely you’ll get a heavy downpour for long. A hat and weather proof jacket is your best option.

Temps can fluctuate but expect mid 50’s F to high 40’s F at night. In southern England, France or Italy, it’s usually quite mild during September and October. As you go into late October and November, you’ll see temperatures dipping and rainfall increasing. Wind too.

About the only thing you can count on with the weather is change. So pack accordingly and you’ll be able to layer like a local.

For all of my style resources, here’s my travel favorites.

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