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When Will I Be Able to Travel to Europe?

Updated January 3, 2023

UPDATED April 2021

If you’re wondering when you’ll be able to travel to Europe again, the answer changes daily. The good news is; due to the success of the COVID vaccination program, international travel to Europe may begin as soon as May 17 – the date set by the UK government for international travel to/from England.

Keep in mind the UK and the EU (now separate due to Brexit as of 12/31/20) have different entry requirements.

As of today, international passengers into most European countries will require a negative COVID-19 test result within the past 72 hours and/or a 10-14 day quarantine on entry depending on their country of orgin. Source.

When Can I Travel to Europe Again

When Can I Travel to Europe Again?

1. Travel within each European country

2. Travel within Europe and the UK

  • Travel may be permitted between some countries in the EU (or Schengen zone) without the need for a 14 day quarantine.
  • Here is the official list of travel corridors from the UK government website.

3. Travel between Europe and the US

  • The complete list of country travel restrictions for Coronavirus Source
  • US travelers are allowed into England with a 10 day quarantine on arrival. As of January 18, 2021 a negative test for COVID-19 taken within 72 hours of arrival will also be required. Note Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland may have different guidelines. This is expected to change when guidelines are reviewed May 10.

Traveling to the UK & Europe from USA

The US Dept of State’s health advisory is still currently Global level 3, meaning reconsider travel to the UK. Source.

Expect rules to change for travel into the Great Britain as of May 17. Guidance from the UK government is expect on May 10 regarding which countries fall into red, amber or green categories. International arrivals into the UK will need to follow these guidelines. 


  • What you need to know if your flight is into or out of London’s Heathrow Airport
  • What you need to know if your flight is into or out of London’s Gatwick Airport
  • National Express coach service is operating
  • National Rail trains may be on a reduced schedule as are TFL London underground trains
  • Check this essential guidance about what to expect for hotel, restaurant and visitor attractions opening in England.
  • Most stores and shops (food, hardware, chemist/drug) are open but require wearing a mask until June 21.
  • Masks are still required on all public transportation, buses, trains and taxis, but that may change June 21.


  • Check before travel. Scotland and Northern Ireland may have different guidelines than England.
  • You may not be able to cross the border into Scotland or Ireland from England.


  • As of April 25, the EU (European Union) is considering allowing American travelers who have been fully vaccinated to travel to Europe this summer. Travel within the EU is also expected to be open to Americans this summer also.
  • Dates have not been set, but stay tuned. Summer starts officially on June 21.
  • France has also indicated it’s ready to open it’s borders to Americans by the summer.


When Can I Travel to Europe Again

Cobbled streets of Arles, France

Traveling to the USA from UK & Europe

Until further notice, due to presidential proclamation; travelers who have been to these areas in the last 14 days may not be allowed into the US or if they are they will be subject to enhanced screening:

  • United Kingdom, including England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
  • Republic of Ireland
  • European Union – Schengen zone
  • China
  • Iran
  • Brazil

This presidential proclamation hasn’t changed under the Biden administration and unfortunately this guidance hasn’t been updated since Feb. 2021. Here’s further guidance from the CDC on international travel during COVID-19

US citizens and permanent residents of the US are still permitted to return to the US. Here’s the latest TSA advice for what to expect when flying and also FAQs for flying.

U.S. citizens in the United Kingdom are subject to the ‘Stay at Home’ regulations. You should not travel abroad unless it is permitted under the rules. This means you may not go on holiday. If you are visiting the UK, you may return home to the United States.

As of September 14, travelers into the US are no longer being directed to 15 regional airports. Source  This is a welcome change for anyone who’s seeking to return to the US without the inconvenience of flying into an airport far from home.

My Best Advice

  • The Tripit app, which I’ve found invaluable on past trips; now offers access to airline-specific COVID-19 guidance within the app.
  • If you’re a US resident who wants to travel to Europe, wait until you’ve had both vaccine shots.
  • Get travel insurance but be aware travel companies may exclude COVID-19 from their coverage. You can still be covered for trip cancellation and ordinary medical expenses.
  • If you book and pay for a trip through a reputable tour company, you should be reimbursed if your trip is cancelled due to future travel restrictions. Some tour companies are holding off offering tours until guidance on restrictions is clear.
  • My advice? I’m as antsy as you are to get traveling but I’ll wait to consider booking a holiday until government guidance is clear about what is permitted and what’s required to travel.

If you’re thinking of traveling from the US to the UK and Europe in the near future keep in mind these general guidelines.

  • You’re allowed to travel into Europe including France, Italy and Spain or the Schengen (most Europe countries including Norway and Iceland) area for up to 90 days without a visa. Your US passport needs to have at least 3 months left once you return to the US. So if your visit to Europe is for 30 days, you’d need 4 months left on your passport.

If you’re ready to relocate, my moving abroad checklist can help you get started. For complete advice on traveling into Heathrow or Gatwick airports and central London, check out my advice here. Please leave any questions in the comments below. Stay safe and see you soon.

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