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What to Wear on an Overnight Flight: My Style Favorites

Updated September 18, 2023

My flight rule to what to wear on an overnight flight is this: it’s got to be comfortable and stylish. After all when we look good, we exude confidence, we’re treated better and we feel better don’t we? It may not get you an upgrade but you never know who you might meet!

Being comfortable and warm is super important in a chilly plane cabin especially an overnight flight. Chances are you’re going to try and catch some zzzz’s so let’s keep it cosy too.

What to Wear on an Overnight Flight

Here’s what I’d wear on an overnight flight either in spring or summer.  Basically I’ll pair a chic sneaker, a sleek pair of joggers with a comfortable stylish stretchy top. Depending on my destination I’ll add a couple of layers for comfort (see below)

Traveling on from your overnight flight?  Here’s what to pack for that longer European stay-cation.

Spring & Summer Flights

  • START with a stretchy long sleeved top in a neutral or dark color.
  • PAIR with a smart pair of joggers in a neutral contrasting stretchy material.
  • LAYER a light sweatshirt over your top
  • ADD a soft down packable vest/gilet to keep you warm while you sleep
  • NEXT add a comfortable pair of athletic shoes.  Smart wool liners to keep feet warm.
  • KEEP drafts out by wrapping a wool blend poncho or scarf around your neck

On Arrival
  • If it’s warm when you arrive, stuff your poncho wrap and vest in your carryon
  • If it’s cool drape your wrap over your lightweight long sleeve tee
  • If it’s chilly, put your packable down jacket on wrapping your poncho around your neck as a scarf.

Fall & Winter Flights

During cool seasons or when traveling to a colder climate, keep your outfit similar but add extra light layers. Here’s what I’ll wear during fall and winter.

Heading to the UK or Europe? Find out how to keep warm once you arrive.

  • PULL on a smart pair of jogger pants in a neutral warm material. Lined is even better.
  • PAIR with a long sleeved top with stretch. Choose neutral or a contrasting dark color.
  • KEEP warm with a natural fiber wool or cashmere sweater. A turtleneck will keep drafts away!
  • ADD a waterproof or lined boot that’s easy to slip on and off. Don’t forget Smartwool liners to keep your feet warm.
  • FOLD your packable down jacket into its bag to use as a pillow or to keep warm during the flight.

On Arrival
  • If it’s warm enough when you arrive, stuff your coat in your carryon
  • If it’s chilly, put on your packable down jacket and the hat and gloves you packed!

There you go! You’ll be stylish, warm and comfortable.  For more of my favorite resources go here.

Ready to make your plans? Why not take a peek and see what’s available at your destination. Comfort is my mantra for hotels too!

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