Why Thinning Hair Isn’t As Bad As You Think

Updated October 30, 2023


I consider myself somewhat of an expert on the subject of thinning hair. All my life I have envied those with effortlessly luxe locks. Heck I would be happy with half the hair that some folks take for granted. But envy and despair wouldn’t replace the hair I was losing. I’m going to share with you what your options are if your tresses are less than luxurious and why it’s not as bad as you think.

There’s many reasons for thinning hair; but for many of us aging may lead to increased hair loss. Hair loss comes in many forms, but it can start as a receding hairline, a thin spot on our crown that grows or simply increased shedding of hair all over.

My hair has always been fine, but as I approached my forties, my hairline started to recede. In addition I have developed a few lovely little cowlicks along my front hairline as well as on my crown which adds a new twist to styling!

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely explored alternatives to thinning hair. I know there are hair loss products you can take such as Minoxidil which claim to slow hair loss if you continue taking it indefinitely. Unfortunately I don’t feel the risks are worth the gain. I personally don’t like to ingest something unless I know for sure it’s going to do more good than harm.

Hair loss is attributed to genetic predisposition, medications as well as stress, thyroid imbalances and insufficient diet. We have no control over our DNA, but we can try and control stresses that contribute to hair loss. Meditation anyone?

Options to Treat Thinning Hair:

Oral Supplements: Rogaine (Minoxidil), Viviscal (dietary supplement), Harklinikken hair extract
Laser Therapy: Low level laser therapy with Laser Comb or Cap can be used to stimulate hair follicles.
Concealment: Use of topical products to create the illusion of thicker hair such as Toppik.
Transplant: Individual follicular hair transplanted to replace lost hairs, more suited to men.
Hair Systems: An individually made hairpiece that is attached with a bonding agent to your scalp. Once your hair is prepped for the system you’ll no longer grow hair where it’s attached
Hairpieces, Wigs, Extensions: Hundreds of options to replace or augment your hair
Products: Shampoos and treatments such as Nioxin claim to create the look and feel of thicker hair.

The Easy Solution to Thinning Hair

Hair implants, treatments and systems are all options, but the simplest and least stressful option is to augment the hair you do have with a simple hair piece, wig or extension. There are literally hundreds of options to give you back the look and confidence of a full head of hair. Styles are available for both men and women.

My personal experience has been very positive. You have to experiment until you find a look, product and color that’s right for you. You’ll know it the minute you put it on. My suggestion is to find a good wig salon and have them help you try on different styles until you get the right one. If you encounter any snobbery, lack of helpfulness or unwillingness to work with you, walk out and find another! I was fortunate the first wig salon I tried introduced me to the piece I’ve used for the past few years.

It has changed my life. I now can have the kind of hair I used to envy. I’ve never had thick long hair and now I can if I want to! It completely changed the way I felt about getting dressed up to go out to an interview, date or work event. I was no longer self conscious about my hair and I had OPTIONS.

My favorite piece is a clip in “topper” or hair piece. I tried a wig and although it looked great it kept sliding off my own hair, which can be a bit embarrassing if you’re snogging for the first time. If you have little to no real hair left there are some beautiful wigs out there. If you just want to augment what you have, cover up a receding hairline or wayward cowlick, get yourself a hair piece.

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Whatever you decide to do about your hair loss, make it happen. Experiment and embrace something new. It will change your life.










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