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What If Your Lifestyle Is Holding You Back?

Updated October 30, 2023

If lifestyle is defined as the way we choose to live, what do our lifestyle choices say about us. Did you consciously think about the lifestyle choices you’ve made or have they become such a part of you, you don’t think about it?

The reason I’m writing this, is I’ve just had a wake up call. I hadn’t noticed how my much lifestyle influenced my happiness, but now I do.

Are You Living the Life You’re Meant to Live?

How we choose to live at mid life is our choice. Human nature means it’s easy to slide into a comfort zone where we don’t question our “why” anymore. But what if your lifestyle is holding you back from leading a happier, more fulfilled life?

Redesign a Lifestyle that’s a Better Fit

One big lifestyle change might mean moving or downsizing into a more manageable home. Or choose to move closer to your kids or grandkids. Moving to a state or country where the cost of living is lower and your money can go further is also an attractive lifestyle option.

I recently decided to spend more time in southeast England to be closer to family. Being closer to family is a big draw for me; not just for the comfort of knowing I have a support system but also for the joy of hanging out with close kin.

I love living where I can easily walk to everything; or take a bus or train to get anywhere I want to wander. I’m delighted I can be walking amongst cows within 10 minutes of walking out the front door. A new culture with historical richness and diversity stimulates and intrigues me. Mastering the challenge of navigating new cultures and language fires up my mid life brain.

Moving to England fulfilled two important lifestyle wishes I needed to feel truly content. Being close to family and nature.

What lifestyle changes could you make. What inspires you now?

Does Your Current Lifestyle Fit Who You Are Now?

Ask yourself if your lifestyle is still working for you. Are you engaged and fulfilled by your neighborhood, hobbies, friends and location? Do you look forward to getting up and starting your day or are you dragging yourself out of bed each morning.

Lifestyle is the framework in which we choose to live our lives. Lifestyle embodies our hopes and desires for our external life. Where we live, who we hang out with, what we do on the weekend and where we go to relax.

Could these Lifestyle Changes Bring you Joy?

  • Want to travel internationally? Then why not live close enough to a major hub airport in a home you can lock and leave.
  • Want to be a part of your grandchildren’s lives? Choose how close you want to be. Close enough to babysit or just close enough to visit often!
  • Want to give everyone peace of mind? While you’re still active, how about moving to a home easier to maintain and age in place in.
  • Want to spend more time in nature? Make it easy for you to get to walkable trails and parks.
  • Want to feel more financially secure? Give up the big house and car.¬†Focus on experiences not your stuff.

Signs Your Lifestyle May be Holding You Back

Ideally our external lifestyle is a match for our inner life. If it isn’t, it’s easy to feel disconnected with a vague sense something is missing!

When your soul is crying out for more spirituality but your credit cards are maxed out, your lifestyle needs a reboot.

If you’re feeling a vague sense of discontentment that has no obvious cause, it could be your lifestyle. You find fault for no good reason. Deep down you feel you’re holding back your true self and living inauthentically. You’ve lost sight of what brings you pleasure and seem to be just cruising through the days with little motivation. Oy vey!

Of course these symptoms may come from different causes but if deep down you’re dissatisfied with your life, look at your lifestyle. If it’s not thrilling you then it may be slowly killing you.

Don’t give up or give in. Search for what’s calling you and change your lifestyle to one that supports your happiness. It’s never too late.

Midlife Transition Tips if You’re Struggling

If your soul has a yearning to do something different, now’s the time to make changes. You can’t push that feeling down because your inner self won’t go away. It’s there to remind you of who you’re meant to be. It’s that little voice of reason that speaks up every now and then, when you know you’ve veered off your path.

I’m not going to lie, changes in mid life may upset your family and friends. Expect a certain amount of mayhem. But now’s the time to tweak your life to reflect your true inner self. Let your outer life style match up and watch your peace of mind grow.

Before I tweaked my lifestyle, I lived with a vague sense of disconnection and kept thinking “one of these days I’ll be closer to family and nature”. Now that I’ve taken the steps to make it happen, I’m happier with my myself for making it happen.

Small lifestyle changes like diet, exercise and habits are the first step to feeling better about where you are now. Once you’re feeling healthy and focused, take the next step. Make a big lifestyle change if that’s what you need to lead a more authentic life.

Think about how you want to spend your days, then write down the five scenarios you daydream about the most. Which one can you start taking action on today?

Keeping a journal that records your thoughts and dreams is a great place to start.




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